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Because two of five commentators mentioned my bicycle, here are some pictures of that miraculous machine. It is more of an outdoor living bike, dear Ponita, I remember that you had yours once hung on the wall of the living room. A special machine Mr Hermann rolls out, surely LX, but … it could be a bit more reduced, perhaps ?
My bicycle is indestructible.


In all its glory
In all its glory


Difficile but imperishable
Difficile but imperishable ; white pedals !


White mudguard, white sidewall tyre, and patina
White mudguard, white sidewall tyre, and : patina


Black gear selector, handlebars customized with white stripes
Black gear selector, handlebars customized with white stripes


And – best of all: Tyres pumped up yesterday are still bulging today.
I am ready for summer.

15 thoughts on “On Wheels

  1. Aha! Der Mago Fahrrad is tricked-out! Bell, generator, white sidewall tires, white racing stripes!

    PS: Is the purple thingy under the seat a jaunty racing scarf?

  2. And the bell works, LX ! But I doubt that the generator does its job, and I think its a natural enemy to my lovely white sidewall tire. The purple thing is a Gummispinne or Gepäckspinne, kind of at least.
    There once was even a speedometer ! And a chain guard too – but in the end all this fell off, as not necessary.

  3. I used to have a speedometer, but it was a bit dispiriting when I was going uphill at less than 5 miles per hour. Your bike is splendid!

  4. HA – thank you Z.
    I mainly ignored that speedometer – but found it nice that it clocked the kilometers.
    That speedo always made annoying noises : There was something metallic in the front wheel that had to “plink plink plink” make contact with a flexible shaft that went up to the display device. At some point I just did not like it anymore. This is the second bike I own, it came with that speedo built in ; I would never have put such a thing on it by meself, Z. But I admit that it tickled my vanity now and then (I liked to race downhill on dirt tracks). I always wonder that this fragile thing carries me, even over rough terrain.
    I bought my first bike, a Staiger with five gears, in metallic blue, when I was 13 or 14 years of age (in the late 1970s). It cost 345 DM, my own money. I rode it into the ground, literally, I think somewhere in the cellar some parts survived. I do not know how long I own this one, as long as it works all is fine. It could use a good re-build, but .. I am terrible with doing “handy things”, like working with wood, building things and such, but I can maintain a simple bike with a screwdriver and a spanner. The modern machines are all over my head.
    I still have the bike of my mother, it is hanging in said cellar. She used it to commute to work in the early fifties, it’s green, & one of the very few things I will never get rid of ; (nearly) anything else is disposable.
    Strange, the connection to things, as simple and easy as bicycles.

  5. It’s been so many years since I’ve ridden a bike. It really isn’t safe to do so in the area where I live. A lot of people do it anyway, but I’m just not that daring.
    I do wish it were safer to ride bikes in this area. I also wish that there was better public transit.

  6. I like your bike. It does look solidly built and practical. My bike is in a sad state I’m afraid. I have not ridden it in years. A squirrel thought my sweaty bike seat was yummy and gnawed it away. Now the tires are flat and there are spots of rust. I have been a negligent caretaker.

  7. Very nice. The white color is very attractive though must be difficult to keep clean? Perhaps we could also get to see the rider all dressed up in his cycling gear? By the way, a simple way to get rid of the patina is to wet the surface and rub with a piece of aluminum foil. As for Melanie’s chewed bicycle seat, it wasn’t me.

  8. All my bikes were blue Norma.

    We do have bikeways around the city Cie, but they tent to end all of a sudden in the nowhere. Over land it is easy, there are a lot of routes signed out one can use. And – since some years it is allowed to jump on the bus with a bike, that is very helpful f.e. when one has to go out of the river valley, its just a busride up the steep hill.

    Off course Mr Peenee, this is what all cool bikes should have in this season.

    Patina, dear Melanie, patina is the word.

    An Albion phanomenon, dear MJ.

    Oh dear ! But having watched the linked video I doubt that there is something to it LX. And why 43 years after its first release ? And if it is only about the introduction – I am sure one can find more examples – even in the classical music repertoire – for this string of chords. I seriously doubt that there will be a result !

    Keep clean LGS – ? You mean besides what the rain does ? Cycling gear ? I have five gears, yes, but don’t use the fifth any more … Thank you for the tip, I will use it and get rid of the worst patina. Soon.

  9. @ MJ – The online web page that was referenced looked like a cheap imitation of The Onion. One must also watch their knickers when hiking. The wild mountain goats love salty underwear.
    @LGS – A 16 hour flight would be serious dedication to come eat my bike seat. I did not think you suspect. :)
    @Mago – I’d be too embarrassed to ride around with my “patina”. We have too many snobby, hardcore cyclists that would probably stone me for such an offense.

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