Arg …

How is it possible that in such a small appartement so much dust can gather. It were not dust bunnies the Hoover devoured, more like dust elephants, dust monsters …
I also scrubbed the floor of my kitchen, very necessary after I accidentally knocked down a glass of orange juice, what a sticky stuff. The good side: Less dust, better air. The down side: My back hurts ; sitting, standing it’s all the same. So I’ll lay down & read [ARIÈS’ (Ger.; Eng.) History of Death, or whatever I can reach from my Leidenslager]. Ade schnöde Welt

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  1. Leidens Lager — a delightful beer made from the sparkling waters of the river Spree!

    PS: Maybe some Ibuprofen Schmerztabletten would help.

  2. It’s ALL a sticky mess.

    Try ice on your back, like a package of frozen peas. Better still, cold packs, a small pillow filled essentially with antifreeze that you keep in the feeder for just these distressing incidents.

  3. I went to shake my grape juice once and the cap was not on all the way. What a mess! You may want to consider a small air filter to help you breathe. I have one near my bed. It is especially usual right now because the pollen is EVERYWHERE. The white noise of the fan is also nice.

    Here is the one I use. You only clean the filter, not have to replace with expensive replacement filters.

  4. And I always thought it was from The Netherlands, dear LX. I have still some of the Ibu-super-bombs they gave me in the hospital some years ago – I think it’s time for one.

    You mean this, MsScarlet ? Maybe the juices were a bit out of date ? Bulging cans must be treated like explosives, in fact they are explosives …

    LX – is Dr. Pepper also useful as rust remover like CocaCola ?

    “for just these distressing incidents” – hell no Mr. Peenee – I do not even want to think about the possibility that something like this could happen on a regular basis ! I will go back to lying on the floor with my back flat and the legs on the sofa – and this goddam lumbago will be vanished in the afternoon, as I order it so !

    Thank you for the tip Melanie – the idea of a fan with filter never has occurred to me before !

    Yessas – you are sure it is really for internal use Anna K. ? Anyway, I’d try it – but not what they call “Rum”, I am sure that is only for exterior adaptation … or rust removing.

    You are right, of course dear Foam. But the servants these days …

    God bless Quentin Crisp. The old queen is right, but I think he did not suffer from cough & stuff triggered by pollen, dust and all this. At some point it simply becomes un-avoidable to fight at least against the worst dust agglomerations Norma.

    Now excuse me please, I have to put myself on the floor.

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