Sunday Music

Sunday Music

We have remarkably nice weather in Franconia over the last days, with cool air and a strong sun ; dramatic skies of intense blue filled with cloud mountains, drifting islands & any animal one can find in the physiologus (Ger., Eng.) – and even some more.
Election day today, so I will hop on my bicycle some time in the afternoon and give my vote – I wonder about the voter turnout, more than about the result. The European Parliament must be backed by as many votes as possible, it is simply too important to be ignored, even the most hard-boiled Euro-sceptic has to admit this. I seriously hope that the EP will not be used as a dump or Austragshäus’l for decommissioned national politicos any longer, or as playground for Balkan porn stars : It is too important to be staffed with people parties want to get rid of elegantly, more or less.
Today’s Sunday Music is a smooth piece performed by Jan JOHANSSON (Ger., Eng.) and Georg RIEDEL (Ger., Eng.), Visa Från Utanmyra, published on the 1964 album Jazz på svenska (Ger., Eng., music) – I hope you like it & we have an easy week ahead.




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  1. I was at the polling station at 16:30 and asked how the voter turnout would be this time. The man told me that at his station only a meagre 40 % would have shown up, with 1,5 hours still to go. According to this article the last election five years ago saw an all time low with only 43 % in Germany (1999: 45 %) – chances are that we will have an even lower turnout this year. Germany has 99 members of the European Parliament. Here is a graphic that shows the development in Germany and whole Europe since 1979. This is frustrating. Only who votes has a right to grouse !
    The party Die PARTEI has as slogan “Europa – ist uns egal !” (Europe, we don’t care ! / Europe – wtf !) (Programm) because that would reach circa 72 % of the voters. They basically are right with that.
    Glad that you like the music Wa(h)l LX, I think you noticed that I linked the whole album.

  2. I just saw the first trend Wa(h)l LX, and the turnout is seemingly significantly higher as last time, with 48 %. I wonder whether Die PARTEI has one in They say that their man in Brusselles will change any month, so that roughly sixty people will have a chance to earn the more than 30.000 € a month. I will volunteer, if it’s possible.

  3. Nice music! While I feel like the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same miserable beast, I still vote. I with the U.S. would wake from such a deep slumber of apathy, but I honestly don’t know what it will take. I hope you saw my message over at my place.

    Take care,

  4. {Grammar Nazi on : } Excuse me please for correcting you LX : The correct expression would be “Ist mir egal.” [Dativ, the question is: Wem ist es egal ? Answer: Mir.] {Grammar Nazi out.}
    There were btw interesting Mottos, like “Dieu et mon droit” / Gott und mein Recht”. “Per aspera ad astra”. And of course “Honi dings que mal imponce” ~ or such.
    My favourite, but I’m standing a bit alone with it : Immer lustig und vergnügt / bis der Arsch im Sarge liegt. Guess it is originally coined by Udo Lindenberg, Grande Finale ; sorry terribly Eighties. There is also a version together with Nina Hagen called Berlin (Father, you should have killed Hitler), well yes, Deutschrock …

  5. lx says:

    Woops! Danke! I’m glad you caught that mistake before I had the calling cards printed!

    The Prince of Wales’ motto is “Ich Dien.”

    Udo! In 2011 I was seeing posters all over Berlin for Hinterm Horizont Das Musical and him on TV. I did not know about him previously.

  6. Udo Lindenberg is a kind of old staple horse of German Rockmusic (if such a thing exists). Together with Westernhagen (Geiler is’ schon) ; they should be around the same age, lived once together in a WG (Wohngemeinschaft), Villa Kunterbunt in Hamburg, early Seventies. Lindenberg did a lot of crap, but he had his moments. Besides this Hamburg-Berlin connection existed some strange bands in the Rhineland, Zeltinger f.e., and the ubiquitous BAP, but nobody understood them outside Cologne. All this is more the lumberjack shirt fraction, less NDW or such.

  7. lx says:

    [surprisingly, on-topic!]

    I don’t want to get too heavy with the politics, but I did notice in the news this morning that someone from the NPD won a seat in the EU Parliament. WTF?


  8. Here is the official, but not yet final, result. The NPD received 300thousand votes, 1 %, so they are in the European Parliament with one seat. The EP as a whole will see a stronger right to far-right fraction (see France, where the National Front (yes, exactly) received 25 %).

  9. Pssst lx .. You can also put a wurst into the mix (but not curry) .. As in.. Ist mir wurst egal..
    Anyhoo .. Love, love the music, Mago. And I need to pay more attention to European politics. I’ve had my head in the sand these many weeks.

  10. Wouldn’t it be “woscht”, like in “Des iss mir fei woscht egahl !” But then we’d had to explain the fei, and this is difficult
    Glad that you like the music dear Foam. European politics – oh je, same nonsense as usual, not worth to dig out the head.

    The wurst is good, LX !

    Isn’t it incredible that mankind can built a 3.000 ton machine and fire it into outer space ?

  11. MJ says:

    I watch the news on TV5 from France each morning so I’ve been keeping my eye on what’s going on. Their coverage of European events is better, of course, than what we see in North America.

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