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It was a pretty nondescript week, and I think that is good. No drama, just soldiering on. Economically something must change ; let’s hope that the latest marketing campaign is successful and drives customers in flocks into the sacred halls  of mago inc.
I enjoy using my bicycle, but must repair it, the cable for the gears is rotting away & must be replaced – ahh, oil grease dirty fingernails. At the same time the front lamp needs to be replaced. The casing is made from plastic and crumbles away , in fact it’s thin like an eggshell & only hold together by a bit of tape I found. But I still have the lamp of my first bike somewhere, made from metal, ha !

This Sunday Music is a little piece by Dennis FARNON (1923). Mistress MJ pointed me in the direction of this interesting man, thank you MJ. The three Canadian-born FARNON-brothers Brian (1911-2010) (bio), Robert (1917-2005) (Ger., Eng.) and Dennis (1923) all went into show business ; Brian as actor, his younger brothers as composers, producers, band leaders & musicians – Dennis being a talented trumpet player. Dennis worked for the BBC, is said to have spent a part of his career in Chicago, and lives now retired in the Netherlands. The youngest FARNON arranged pop music, composed library music, music for television etc. – I am not sure and do not know the actual labels, but I guess today much of his work would be called “ambience music”, but I may be wrong about this.
Who cares about labels, labeling (Ger., Eng.) is no good, here is a nicely driven little piece called  Sunbird – hope you enjoy it.




17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh, I will have to go through this list on youtube – thank you LX.

    A dream bike – I don’t know. I would look at something electrical nowadays. Not too many gears. Sitting upright. I would love to try out the Pinion gear change, but this terribly expensive. The Flitzbike P18 may combine this “Wunder-Getriebe” and a powerful electrical motor. But what they built there in Upper Suebia is not affordable – only after the lottery win !
    If I had time and space I perhaps would build a bike. I always liked the Hollandfahrräder (Eng., Opafiets / Omafiets), sturdy machines with a good directional stability (pretty long, large wheels). Something like that just with more gears, not just three from the Sachs-Naben-Schaltung. The bike should be able to carry a crate of water (or beer) without difficulty, the rack is not for show. A Flitzbike and an old one to tinker about.

    Duck tape – Panzerband here. If Duck tape is good enough for the car on the moon, it’S good enough for your side mirror too, dear Foam

  2. That is such movie score music! Engaging, but not overwhelming. I could see myself humming that tune while driving. perfect score for a day in the life of me! xoxoxoxox

  3. I like the bikes you list.

    My favorite bicycle was what was generically called an “English Racer”. Three speeds (enough for Southeast Texas), hand brakes, generator and lights. Very similar to the Hollandfahrräder.

    @ Foam: There is a Duck Tape® brand, so you are correct both ways!

  4. Yes, humming & driving music Savannah – or, as a friend said at first listening: Theme music for a detective series, sixties.

    Glue the duck, dear Foam !

    I very much like the details on the red bicycle you link, LX, like a bit of chrome here, a small silver line there. Yes it’s a “roadster”, classical form. I found one facility, Sparta, they still build the classical Hollandrad with three gears & electrical help. I think it’s the only electrical bike one could afford and one could repair without a ton of special tools.

    Rrratsch – arg, the imagination alone hurts, dear MsScarlet

    🙂 Tartan everywhere, Austere ! I always am tricked into buying three rolls of it when they are on offer. With the result that two rolls are always lingering somewhere in the lowest drawer – until I need one: Then they go in hiding seriously.

  5. WHo in his right mind will use this ? It’s an open invitation to play around with it. What will happen when the fully integrated home is built ? “Just use this app” … maybe there is the possibility to keep houses closed shut, turn inhabitants into inmates, would give a new meaning to the phrase “it’s in the cloud” … A bluetoothed home with all kind of sensors would be like an ever running recording machine: Lifelogging made easy, let the surrounding do it for you. I want a cabin in the woods now Wagenstandsanzeiger LX

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