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The last week did not exactly see flocks of customers sweeping into the halls of mago inc., but there were no catastrophes either. I really should repair the bicycle, next week I will need the gears. Not today – it became really hot with temperatures well over 30 ° Celsius, too hot to bicycle around under the sun this afternoon. So I’ll have a look into the news, listen to a bit of music – and then switch the machine off. Time to read, maybe a walk in the evening. After all it’s Pfingsten (Ger, Eng.) & there is a chance to meet the holy spirit ; a bit of insight and understanding would be welcome here.
This Sunday Music is a relaxed piece sung by Helen FORREST (Ger., Eng.) accompanied by Artie SHAW (Ger., Eng.) & his orchestra taken in 1938 – They Say.
In the Wikipedia articles this title is called one of the major successes for FORREST & SHAW, but I found no additional information about the composers (“Music by Stephen Weis & Paul Mann, lyrics by Edward Heyman”, according to the uploader of the video). Whoever they were, they wrote a nice little tune, FORREST and SHAW swing relaxed through it – I hope you enjoy it.
It’s an incredible fast year, only two weeks until 21st of June, summer solstice.



22 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. No air condition here heiß LX – but this side of the house is in the shadow from noon. Forecast says that we will have “Wärmegewitter” on Tuesday and Wednesday. The pollen of grasses are very strong. Swallows and / or swifts are sickling through the air ; it’s remarkably quiet outside, no cars, no trains, no people.

  2. Eine Hitzewelle! Ironically, it’s actually not that hot here. Not quite yet anyway. I’m going to come back and listen to the music.

  3. today we had a perfect day, which is nice since we have so few of them.
    song is dandy, artie was a shit.

  4. Yes heatwave: Vorhersage für Dt., Vorhersage für By.

    Darf ich bitten gnä’ Frau ?
    *eins-zwei-wechselschritt* Don’t disturb me Foam, have to count …

    Artie described himself as “very complicated” Norma. He must have been a perfectionist and a terrible control freak. But he mastered the clarinet like no other.

  5. It has been pissing it down here with thunder storms, can’t wait for the winter perhaps then we’ll get some good weather.

  6. Caramba ! And there are people who survive such an impact. Here is a pair of trees that stands alone on a hill. One of them has an impressive scar from a lightning. According to the actual forecast thunder, lightning and rain will show up this evening – lassen wir uns überraschen, heiß LX !

    Definitely, dear Foam. Too hot to dance, even walking is a kind of challenge …

    You are spoiled by your Mediterranean cruises Mitzi

  7. The weather’s not sure what it’s doing here. There’ve been rainy days (and Mondays) and really hot days (like today) and I haven’t wanted to go out on the bike at all.

    Sorry to hear Mago Inc is quiet at the moment. Hope customers start pounding your door down, cheque books in hand!

  8. The promised thunder & rainstorm did not show up in Franconia, really flaky. I wish I had some of that evil right now, dear MsScarlet, after all the dose makes the poison …

  9. Love those old recordings. So much more “real” then what we get today.
    Spring never really showed up here. And now summer’s trying to settle in. We had some hot weather last week. Good thing I had installed the three AC units. With a 78 year old lady in the house, cool air is mandatory. It’s expensive but I’d rather have my mom breathe well than getting some gadgets or other gizmos we don’t need.
    I’m off work for the next three months so I shall be able to post again and catch up with everyone.
    Hello to everyone.

    Oh Hai Roses! I see you’ve flipped on the switch of your Lighthouse. I’ll check it out later. And I haven’t forgot you Ms Blue and LX.

    *Blows venezuela in MJ’s ear!*

  10. *points his vuvuzela vaguely towards Canada*

    Hello JON – you were missed ! Three AC units – whow ! I hope she does not catch a cold, that would have meant to cast out the devil with Beelzebub …

    I can not believe that I sat for nearly ten minutes and listened to an old NEC printer doing Bach !
    Now if we can store the paper and use it for repeating … It developed a nice drive and astounding fullness of sound Heiß LX. I wonder what these guys could do with a plotter … would possibly work as rhythm section in more modern, punk influenced pieces.

  11. Haha! Don’t worry. The three AC units total about 22500 BTU which is just enough to keep our small appartment around 23C in normal heat, 24 during severe heatwave.

    It is expensive considering that in our northern regions, we need air conditioning only for 10 weeks and it’s not on all the time. We can turn them off most of the nights. Last year we had only one real heatwave that forced us to keep them running 24 hours for 6 days in a row. But that was it. The rest of the time, we turn them on from around noon until about 10-11 PM.

    That is quite an amazing performance of the toccata Heiß LX. Much better than my own rendition on our small Hammond organ! :)

  12. *bows* Good. At one point I suddenly could not see the former font any more and decided that it had to go. This “Bosco” theme is quite new & I like the font. It took over everything without any changes from me necessary. It has a ton of colour toys – and sooner or later I’ll play around with them.
    I seemingly always come back to the maroon, heiß LX.
    Time to walk around the hill now, pictures later

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