Sunday Music

Because caxirolas never made it to Franconia the soccer fanatics use the good old vuvuzela – recycling is a good thing. From late afternoon / early evening the sound of very constipated cows floats through this idyllic Franconian village. Good that this ball booting event happens quadrennial only.
This midday’s walk was nice, fluffy clouds all over :


Clouds doing what they can best
Clouds doing what they can do best, hang around & be fluffy.


The week was uneventful, except from the already mentioned Liederabend. Effort and brainpower went into the website of mago inc., especially the mysteries of SEO needed to be unveiled. There is the very small chance that I’ll meet someone who seemingly plays with the idea of giving me a contract, but this will happen only at the end of this month. So it’s soldiering on.

This Sunday Music comes from Eydie GORMÉ (Ger., Eng.), a lady I had not encountered before I trawled Youtube this afternoon. She brings us her version of The Gentleman is a Dope – hope you enjoy it.
Have a peaceful and sunny week !



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That’s right, dear Norma, I had never before heared Ms Gormé. Also had no idea about Ms Blossom Dearie. I was close to put up her version of the dopey gent, or her Sunday Afternoon from the seventies.

  2. AchDuGroßerGOtt – Union Berlin !
    I mean – having a weak spot in the ironworks of one’s heart for 1.FC Nürnberg is bad enough and indicates a strong case of Masochism, but Union – ? ! (Don’t know how often the FCN was kicked out of the first division ; but they always came back, the suckers.)
    On the other hand, if you want to see and feel what soccer and a Verein can be about, EisernUnion is possibly one of the best examples. A bit like St.Pauli, just without the success. Yet. They were very close to return to the Bundesliga, twice I think, but always turned away for economical reasons, not sport related. Some say the old DDR Verein simply was kicked out. Sport “politics” make the Mafia look noble …

  3. *snaps fingers while listening to Ms Gormé*

    The World Cup isn’t much a big deal over here. All is calm. I think I’ll have more of Eydie.

    Have a great week

  4. “Steve and Eydie” were household names back in Norma’s day, in the U.S. and Canada.

    As for Blossom Dearie, count me as a fan.

  5. I fear for the worst this night, because it’s the German’s team first game, dear Jon.

    No, Steve & Eydie were unknown to me, MJ I was surprised by Dearie’s voice, Norma. Interestingly in her older recordings from the early to mid-fifties she leaves the girly-attitude now and then, see “One of those things“. I was also tempted by her “Sunday Afternoon“.

    “Wui wui”, as the German says, when he releases his inner Frenchman … cool, Jon, it’s all right …

    YES ! Cloud Scarlet – the fluffiest of them all !

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