Nuages, Clouds, Wolken *

Clouds are everywhere. Even indoors. People wrote poems about “Wolken“. And of course music.
From the late 19th century to something called “ambience“. The latter does it not for me, here’s an antidote. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, or I simply like variation (about). Others wondered whether clouds do get old, or looked at them from both sides.
And besides nice voices and interesting songs, there is pure beauty : RICHTER gives us LISZT.

* For MsScarlet

17 thoughts on “Nuages, Clouds, Wolken *

  1. No sorry mate !
    Damn, you are right ! It’s corrected now LX : [19th century] leads to DEBUSSY.
    Thank You for telling me !

    I have never heard this before. Here’s a Neil Young version. I guess it can be a kind of mantra …

    Interesting to see in the Atlas that “Ireland” looks both ways ; the (left one, the one in red) bloke in “Prussia” has clearly facial features of Bismarck, while the right one (in blue) has the beard of the Austrian Emperor (forgothisnamesorry, Sissie’s husband) ; the “Scot” wears glasses – and there IS a Dame called “Germany” – not Prussia (!) – yeah, it once was a possibility … and look at this little drunk pope being “Sardinia”. I wonder whether LENI wears yellow, Ms “Spain” ?

  2. Do clouds get old? No, I think they have a life span less than a fruit fly, which is no more than two months. Why? Because they are constantly changing. The cycle seems short to me in the replacement value of evaporation and new moisture from the environments it moves through. A cloud essentially stays in motion replacing its particles as it goes or dissipates.

    They don’t have souls, but they may travel with spirit. :)

  3. I think they are out of the time, eternal, Melanie.

    HIlde was a very special woman in her time, MsScarlet:

    Call me Claude, dear Mistress

    Oh Dear, good ol’ Charlie – what do you see in the clouds LGS ?

    In Lower and Middle Franconia would be not enough forest on a stretch I guess, but in Upper Franconia towards the Thuringian Forest it could work, LX. And there is the very large Bavarian Forest Reservat – since the nineties it is coherent with the area on the Czech side ; in the area Luchs, bears, wolves etc. do already live, so there is surely place for the Wisent too.

  4. Perhaps, but their exterior is always shifting.

    As for the Buffalo, they need large grasslands, not trees. I will have to follow the story to see why they would want Buffalo in Europe to begin with. I believe they are susceptible to mad cow disease and they fart and eat the same as cows, but are more likely to kill you.

    Take care my friend!

  5. These are some really great cloud pictures. I do like laying under the shade and look up at the passing clouds on those nice days when the skies are blue. But I also like looking at storm clouds and watching lightning zigzag across the skies and strike the earth–first the flash of bright light, then comes the booming roar of thunder. It’s exciting and frightening and beautiful at the same time.

  6. Oh cows can be pretty angry animals, Melanie, they do not need that dreadful plague for it. No worries, I’m in no danger to be run over by a Wisent in the near future …

    Off topic welcome, LX !
    “Visceral” riding experience ? Will it liquify my innards ? Sound of a “fighter jet on an aircraft carrier” ? Oh dear … I am very sceptic about this. I can not believe that it fits in any way with the Harley image. If the machine itself is good & sells, they may have to put another brand on it. I mean can you imagine Fonda & Hopper (or their modern equivalents) on a visceral fighter jet with artificial sound ? What happens when the sound generator brakes, and plays “Yankey Doodle” instead of “Born to be Wild” ? That would turn the black monster into a plush bunny rabbit with wheels …

    Hello Eroswings. There is always action in the sky, isn’t it ? I like the storm clouds too, but our local varieties may not be so impressive as yours by far. Nevertheless I like to watch them rolling in and thundering along. Some miles West of my place is a ridge, I always think that it would be a nice place to watch a thunderstorm from there over the valley of the Main river

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