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It’s not to my merits that the website of mago inc. has a new structure now, is seo’d beyond belief and generally looks fresher. Now lets hope it brings results, attracts customers & generally rewards the efforts that went into it, brainpower and nerves.
Nerves also took this afternoon’s guest, it’s an experience of mixed emotions when you have to deal with someone very old and, yes, crumbling. And yet, I even did not have to bear the brunt …
Nerves were stretched last night when an idiot mistook his lowered Golf for a racing car and missed the mago-mobile by inches ; have no idea why I slowed down so early when I saw the traffic light, but it saved us.
A little panic / paranoia set in some days ago when all of a sudden I was not allowed to comment on blogger any more – I still have no idea why exactly this happened, but following the good advice of IT-consultant extraordinaire Mr. LX the day was saved : Thank you again, LX !

This Sunday Music is a short piece by the Chico Hamilton Quintet, featuring Buddy COLETTE (earlier Sunday Music from the same 1955 album here) called The Sage – I hope you enjoy it.
Let’s hope for a successful new week.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That bat mobile looks as if it had turbine mounted !
    I just learned that Gravedigger is still riding. I watched some of these machines in the late eighties when all of a sudden more than the usual three tv-channels were available and incredible amounts of strange things poured onto the tv-screen : Monster trucks, Sumo wrestlers, billiard tournaments – GOd how I wasted time then !

    In fact if we had been standing at the line in front of the traffic light he’d hit us smack dab full frontal LX. The guy had no intention to come through this corner in a responsible way. If I had been a bit further, like half a meter or so, he’d hit the car still with an edge of his’, after he had struggled to catch his wet boy racer dream.
    I am looking at large cars like an old Rekord or something. These large seventies’ cars have three big advantages: 1) They are strong & nearly indestructible ; 2) you actually can look out of them, even rear-ways (what is something of a drag in most modern cars that need cameras and beepers) ; and 3) they are mechanical and not digital : No electronic throttle, no electronic motor management and all this. As much as I like electronic devices, but I’d prefer a large petrol engine with a mechanical injection, mechanic disc-brakes and gears.
    The old Rekord is an Opel, the brand name of GM in Germany, like Vauxhall in the UK. They were considered as the opposite of posh, in fact “Spießerkarre” was friendly even in the late seventies, but if idiot-boy would have hit this car I’d have stepped out and hit him around his stoned head. In the Magomobile … I doubt that I’d have stepped out.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re okay after the near collision. Your instincts, that sixth sense, kicked in and slowed you down when your body and mind somehow sensed the oncoming danger. Your guardian angel looked out for you! I hate idiots who race through the streets like they’re on the grand prix. I’m also happy to know that your blogger problem with commenting has been resolved with the help of LX; he’s fantastic!

    The song selection is very serene and relaxing. A perfect choice to help you feel at ease and relaxed.

  3. Dear me .. I bet you were a bit schlockerisch around the knees after that experience. A few years ago, I had a car almost smack me in the driver side door while I was driving. His breaks were squealing and the car came to a stop and inch from my car. So, I know how you feel.
    Anyway, the music is way cool. Perfect Monday morning music .. :)

  4. Your spidey senses were tingling!! Glad it was a near miss and not a hit. Sure gives you an adrenaline rush, though, doesn’t it!?!?

  5. Lots of aggressive drivers and red light runners around here. I’ve trusted my intuition and hesitated when my light turn green only to watch some idiot from the other direction speed through it. If I didn’t have a kid in the car I might be prone to road rage, run them off the road and give them what for! Who do they think they are acting like they own the road?

    I’m glad you are all right and I don’t have to come to Germany to hunt some idiot down on your behalf. :)

  6. TG! What an idiot. I hope you cussed him soundly.
    The blue wagon R is so dented that nothing can happen now…
    I cuss in Gujarati, my max is “Gadhedo!”

  7. Wishing you a good week. Last week couldn’t have been bad either since your Mago-mobile was not scratched and more importantly Mago was not scratched or banged up. Maybe you should equip yourself with some Golf-hunting missiles. I like the Golf, by the way.

  8. The idea of a guardian angel is very nice, Eroswings !

    Schlockerisch – it’s new to me, but I know exactly what it means Foam.

    I nearly stood the magomobile on it’s nose Ponita. And adrenaline keeps veins free from dangerous plaque …

    My first reaction was a fierce curse, and then anger Melanie. He started through and raced away. If such idiots only hurt or kill themselves, so be it. But they nearly always hurt or kill innocent people. A sound public flogging should cure this. But I’m afraid one can not beat responsibility into an idiot. Or some other human.

    Yes, a nice cuss was the first I shouted, Austere. I do not mind a dent or ding, but this would have meant destruction. And besides the strong possibility of bodily harm – the magomobile may look perfect (ahem) – but it is not that valueable any more as it was some years ago. So an insurance – if the idiot even had one – would pay only the time value : we would have no more car and a lousy tip.
    BTW if I am really angry I use my native dialect again. Sounds colourful I think.

    It was an older model, A Golf II I think. The young blokes on the countryside use old BMW 3 or Golf I-IV for their “tuning”. In earlier years they also used Opel Kadett and such engines.
    Of course you are right Lone Grey Squirrel – nothing happened, it could have been much worse.
    May taste in cars changed a bit over time, nowadays I’d prefer much more flashy cars as a Golf, more design, more colour … or an oldie like a Peugeot 504, as coupé perhaps …

    They are madmen. Simply mad LX. It is an impressive aeronautical performance, but they are mad. And the bloke who stands in the plane’s way, if slightly to the left, must have suicidal tendencies. As the pilot has. Thinking of it – how did he train this stunt ? I mean, there is no room for a mistake. Either ram that wing into the ground and go in a ball of fire, or miss the textiles – how often can one try this ’til it works ? Mad.

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