This may be a bit of a meandering post. Like what blogger Joyce once described as “rabbit holes” when she remembered a teacher, who would start at one point explaining, getting lost in the shrub of references, only to finally re-surface somewhere else – like the rabbit peeping out of the hole.
Übersprungshandlung (Ger., Eng.) describes an action that is out of context, born out of indecisiveness ; animals may all of a sudden make a gesture that is not connected with their actual conduct, like e.g. picking the ground as if they’d pick up some food, while they are actually involved in a fight. I think old LORENZ (the one with the grey geese) used this word. The concept may be a bit outdated nowadays, but I have no clue about ethology.
I just had felt the need to hoover my appartement. Did the dishes this morning – while I still had some clean glasses & cups left, mind you ! This afternoon I felt the urgent need to take used glass bottles to the container. Is the universe trying to tell me something ?
I have rearranged, updated and generally checked on my rss-feeds via GoodNoos, a very nice and convenient thing when it works correctly. What allows me to de-clutter the bookmarks in my browser, so that I have a chance to find articles & stuff I bookmarked “to read later”. What never happens, usually – “to be read later” seems to be nothing else but the stuff one collects for the Übersprungshandlung, the buried nuts for winter time, terrible time of torpor.
A strange year, a strange summer. It’s all two weeks too early. The crop is nearly ready for harvesting here, in some parts of Germany they already have started to reap the grain last week, in mid-June.
Oh dear, where are the bookmines when you need them ?
Nulla extra bibliothecam salus.
It’s astoundingly quiet now all around – ah, yes, kicking the ball, howcouldIforget … so let’s try to be positive.

9 thoughts on “Übersprungshandlung

  1. It was all remarkably quiet here LGS, so it is possibly a draw ? I will look in the news in a few minutes.

    I have to go and clean my bathtub now, sorry IDV

  2. I make a lot of such decisions. I like to believe that I make decisions after a carefully thought out process, but it’s simply not true. I think things over, and then I generally do what I set out to do in the first place.

  3. Sounds like you are “nesting” perhaps you are about to give birth to something. Not a child, but perhaps a new idea or a new way of doing thing. A “Eureka!” moment is on the horizon.

  4. @ lx, I tried to watch that movie on Netflix, but I thought it was weak and did not like it. I think “Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind” would do a better job of explaining such things then a group of pseudoscientists. This is of course, my opinion. I love rabbit holes! My life is filled with them. Wikipedia itself is such an attractive rabbit hole.

  5. I have no clue about quantum physics LX. I am very skeptic when someone tries to mix natural sciences like physics et al. with philosophy, anthropology and cultural sciences. I mean, that is what SOKAL’s hoax was all about. (See here.)
    I do not know the film, but if I have a chance to see it somewhere around here I will do it.

    I think I am generally good at avoiding decisions Cie. But even me comes to a point where it does not work anymore.

    I wish a lotterie win were at the horizon Melanie:

    Just chop’em off, dear Norma !

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