Sunday Music

I’m much too knackered to make sense. So without further ado here is Sunday Music. A piece performed by Carla BLEY (Ger., Eng.) and Steve SWALLOW (Ger., Eng.) in Vienna some years ago. I do not know who composed it & thus is responsible for the title, People Die. Do not start to interpret, it’s just a title.
Have a good week all, operation without complications, results that leave at least some hope.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I hope you’re right Jon. But Schönberg, and some modern Bonk-bonk-bonk that is in no way to exceed in simplicity and aggressiveness make me wonder. Excuses to Schönberg, but I hear only squeaking. And the bonk-bonk-bonk is just noise pollution, heavens these people do need all the drugs to bear that shit !

    I snickered, XL.

    Gewalt geschrie’n ! Interestingly while knish is a Yiddish word there is no German wikipedia entry for the lovely small cakes (No, MJ, don’t even think of it !). And I doubt one could buy some here, but it’s a long time since I went to a kosher shop dear Norma.

  2. *blush*
    I’m innocent like fallen snow Norma.
    Naw, my Yiddish is not good enough for double entendre, it barely works in English. Call me a Klotz !

  3. Love the music! I do love jazz. I listen to it on a mostly daily basis. And you always manage to introduce me to new musicians, mago.
    Of course, being curious and all that, I googled ‘knish euphemism’ .. who knew? I just always call it a yoni.

  4. Norma’s a riddle, LX.

    Oh that’s easy with these new musicians, I just have to trawl youtube, it’s all new to me Foam.

    I can think of some not so dangerous approaches to demolishing such a structure, but anyway, they had fun. BTW my actual browser does not want to run the videos in “purify”, so I copy the last part of the url and see it on yt. But I’ll work around this, something in the settings of course. Perhaps I should Opera give a go.

    :) Yes, knishkes all around, dear MJ !

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