Stephen GASKIN, the arch hippie, died at 79. Last year it was thirty years since Scott NEARING had died, at hundred.


Piranhas not only in the Neckar – 12 years ago – but also some weeks earlier this year in the Vosges mountains. They are migrating.


A man in Devon remembers how he plowed the moors there during war-time (recording 38 a).


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  1. We have a horrible history of government departments bringing in one species to take care of a problem species, only to end up having two problem specie invasions instead of just the one. These idiots will never learn!

    Last year they released an insane amount of wasps to attack the pine beetles that are killing our trees in Eastern Washington. Many people were stung and had a big problem with wasps in the house and wasp nests all around the outside of the houses. Pine Beetle population? Remained the same. Not inconvenienced at all. Some people like my Aunt would die if she was stung and didn’t have an adrenaline pen (epi pen) to stab in her thigh immediately.

  2. “You don’t drive across the country to get rid of your crocodile.” I doubt what the police spokesman said LX.. These crocodiles are everywhere !

    Wasps ! Jesus Christ – I have a very healthy respect for this animals. I react to their stings, not in a live threatening way, but pretty bad enough Melanie. I did not forget the article in the lexicon, I simply had no time yet. But I will produce a short version for you soon, seriously.

  3. what’s next? boa constrictors? I’m assuming the crocs and the piranhas are pets that have been released into the wild by people that can’t take care of them anymore.

  4. They are killing crocs ! Incredible.
    In Germany are two invasive species I know of, the grey squirrels (sorry LGS) who are stronger & larger than the reds. So the aboriginal red squirrels have to fight against their cousins too.
    And there are Chinese ladybugs that look different from our usual Marienkäfer. The Chinese sort is larger and stronger, but looks not so good. And they show more aggressive behaviour.
    I also heared something about a kind of Asian or Eastern fly or mosquito some months ago. But I can not remember exactly what it was about, except that the animal was found outside its natural habitat and is able to bring infections to humans.

  5. I’ve never heared about Kudzo, dear Foam. It’s something like Efeu, climbing, sucking and taking light away. Yeah, hopefully it can be turned into something useful.

    Oh dear, black rimmed glasses & tofu .. but in Austin ? What happened to our beloved Texas LX ?

  6. You’d have thought the disaster of rabbit being introduced to Australia would have been enough of a warning….and cats to the South Pacific islands…etc. etc. etc.

  7. I listened a little to the Devon dialect… didn’t seem to strong to me – i.e. I could actually understand what he was saying! Thanks for this Mr Mags. I agree being beneath 20 cows could not have been fun.

  8. Ah now that you metnion it Roses, there was / is that fence to contain rabbits, I think in Australia.

    I could follow him too, but now and then the transcription was useful, MsScarlet.

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