Sunday Music

Websites, websites, all needs re-working, the outcome is dubious, customers a rare breed. Stormy weather ahead, according to Bayernwetter temperatures will drop from 32° C today to 17° C on Tuesday, rain wind thunderstorm – all-inclusive. The fields and vineyards could use a bit of rain.
The incredible brothers Sérgio and Odair ASSAD bring us a piece by RAMEAU, Les Cyclopes. The quality of the recording is not the best, but the mastership of the two players is observable.
I hope you enjoy it and that we all have a desaster free week ahead.




12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I usually look at the Weather Underground for detailed weather info. They are showing this Alert for your area: “Active Advisory: Thunderstorms Heute Nachmittag und Abend muss zunächst, vom östlichen Allgäu ausgehend, am Alpenrand und im südlichen Alpenvorland.”

    The next three months are the easy time of the year for the local weather guessers. The forecast will be “Clear. High near 100f (38c). 20% chance of rain (which means no chance of rain!).

  2. Love that piece! Thanks for sharing, Mago. :-)

    The weather here in Central Canada is mostly sunny, hot and humid with the occasional thunderstorm (and tornado warnings ~ yesterday) thrown in for good (whose???) measure. In other words, a typical Manitoba summer.

  3. They are right Wetter LX – the storm arrived, We could watch the clouds gather the whole evening, then surprisingly it became all clear above us, until the sun set. Then it gathered from the West and it arrived half an hour ago ; lightning first at the horizon, now it’s around us, and the rain set in. Very good and clean air !

    HA – they are picking IDV. I like very much what they do with Rameau’s giants. Be careful with your broom when you travel in a storm.

    Thankfully no tornadoes here, Ponita. I hope your hand is healing fast !

  4. No way, Foam, it’s a seven storey building.

    I think von Braun liked that LX. It’s like something that could have happened on the Raketenflugplatz South (?) of Berlin in the late 1920s.

  5. HAHA! They do sound as if they were playing in a cardboard box. Thank God there are better recordings of the Assads. I never heard them playing baroque music before.

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