Sunday Music

An odd week it was – either nothing happens at all, or all happens at once. My highlight was the afternoon with Cuthswyth. And then there is the Tin Foil Hat Compo at IDV‘s – tough competition, with entries ranging from minimalism to exuberant, baroque display of artistry and craftsmanship.
The next week will find me busily writing applications, and mails to societies in the Americas that can be possible customers for my genealogical researches – Franconians of the world, look at this humble fellow !

This Sunday Music is a Pièce en forme de Habanera by Maurice RAVEL (Ger., Eng.), composed in 1907 as vocalise for bass and piano, often set for piano and violin, here arranged for flute and harp ; flute Emmanuel PAHUD (Ger., Eng.), harp Mariko ANRAKU (about her, and here too).
I hope you like it. Let’s hope the coming weeks brings good things, or at least, clarity.



21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I do like it. That piece reminds me of one of those old stop-motion Sinbad or Clash of the Titans films. I don’t know if it’s because it’s similar to the incidental music that may have been employed, or some other reason entirely?

    Thank you for taking part in the Tin Hat compo, dear Mago!

  2. Best wishes on the writing campaign next week. Another delightful musical selection, btw.

    PS: Apologies for the Cthulhu reference.

  3. It reminds me of woodland creatures playing in the dewy morning sunshine.
    Good luck in the competition, Mr Mags! And good luck with the applications.

  4. My pleasure, IDV. I have to search for films you mention, Clash of Titans leaves me without orientation.

    ? Ach babbel, LX !

    Thank you Ponita, something should work now.

  5. Oh, you snug in, dear MsScarlet. That is a nice picture – woodland creatures playing in the morning sunshine.
    Good luck in the competition ! I must say that I find “the Rise of Uranus” to be a very intriguing piece, much more elaborate as my “Dead Duck”. A striking and speaking title too.

  6. Very nice setting. Ravel was one of the composers who got a lot of his inspiration from “The Orient” which was a big trend back then in the beginning of the 20th century. Think of “Shéhérazade” or “Daphnis et Chloé”, both wonderful pieces I recommend to anyone. There are also many voice-piano versions of “habanera”. As for a violin version, I find Laurent Korcia to be the best I’ve heard so far. I unfortunately couldn’t find it on youtube.

    Earlier this week, I saw this and, I don’t know why, it made me think of you.


  7. Careful with the little men, MsScarlet

    Mr. Magoo cranks it up – thank you Jon ! Ah, The Orient, sensuous, dark, mysterious and fragrant – at least in the imagination of the fin de siecle. Thaynk you for mentoning Laurent Korcia – I have to find out about this artist.

    Did they finally score a goal ? I hope it was an attractive game and no catch-as-catch-can, LX.
    Sorry, I have no oubliette here, maybe we could borrow MJ’s cellar ?

    Glad that you liked the music Z.

  8. Ja, the winning goal was a very good shot … it just took a loooooong time to get to it.

    PS: I have to admit to being a little disappointed to not get another “Banned” logo for my blog.

  9. Thank you. I try my very best Austere.

    I always liked to work for Americans. Some came for a visit when they toured Europe, and I could show them their ancestor’s village and the church. Perhaps we can come to this again, Foam. But a job, as tiny as may be, would be a nice addition …

  10. I won the tinfoil hat competition!!!!! Where are you, Mr Mags??? I need you to congratulate me.
    Has everybody buggered off to a secret Google+ circle and left me out???

  11. Very interesting <bAustere, but I do not follow him on the wine. A few sips can do very good.

    Congratulations, dear MsScarlet ! I am back here, I will soon head to IDV’s and ask for pardon.

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