Guggala wuggala

Exactly. I have set up a “business”-website for me & my abilities for rent at the start of this month. Yes, I’ve should have done more, like pestering people around the globe with it and telling them something like “Hire me – or drop dead !”, but I am a friendly man, basically. So I tinkered on ebay and tried to sell some things, with mixed results, but at least some cash seems to drip in.
I watched in awe as gargle~ and ping-bot came by and crawled my website – yes, promote me !
I did this and that with the text(s) until the seo-plugin was satisfied – a bit of a waste imho, gargle & Co. do what they want & there is only a small chance that whatever one does with the text has any real result, it seriously does not change their algorithms, does it ? And I emphasise on a readable text and no silly series of slogans or dumb catch phrases. So there.
But who was dumping a full load of shtuff on me ? Spam comments and spam emails of course. Heavens, within 21 days there were more than fifty spam comments (on only four blog posts ; and two comments I can not delete – this makes me mad !) and I do not know how many emails via the contact form – I just deleted them. Interestingly spam-emails also came through to another email address of mine.
This evening I had enough and looked for a kind of captcha-plugin or similar. For the contact form I now use something that works behind the scene, it’s called a honey-pot. It is thought of as a kind of first defence ; the developers say if it’s too weak a real captcha-thingy should do the trick.
For the comments form (yes, there is a blog, ach – I already mentioned it) I choose the slider captcha – bots do not use a mouse, at least I hope so. It replaces the usual torn numbers or letters (some are really too difficult !) with a mouse gesture, a simple slider. I like the simplicity of this.
Slowly but steadily normal services will be resumed around here, I guess ; crawling back to Blogland. Silvaner helps.

9 thoughts on “Guggala wuggala

  1. I’ve tried to do some online commerce but haven’t had much luck yet. Then again, I tend to throw more of my energy into writing little stories than I do to the e-commerce stuff. I’ve never figured out SEO, and I use a WSYWIG designer for my web page. These web hosting companies always try to make it sound oh so easy. If only!

  2. So we don’t get to see the business website because you want to remain anonymous here? I understand. “Honey Pot” reminds me of “Honey Bucket” with is a portable toilet in the US. Yes, we should put the spammers in unflushable toilets. :) I hope you get legitimate business interest soon.

  3. Good luck with your shiny new website. I hope it brings in lots and lots of clients.

    Yes, I’m often perplexed by spam. It sometimes tells me I have a small, flaccid penis…

  4. That’s part of my cunning plan Norma, to make you dizzy & confused and than ruthlessly take advantage of your state, ha !

    I think writing short stories and working on an ebook is more rewarding than anything online commerce, Cie: I use a seo-plugin, but it is basically written for blogs & only adapted for sites with another intention. I play around with my text(s) on the different pages until the algorythm is content, than I read it again and turn it into a text I can life with. After all it is more important that this site gives an impression of me – and not of my ability to form sentences from randomly chosen buzzwords.

    “Honey bucket” – thank you for a pretty impressive image, Melanie. I am not quite sure, but I think in The Netherlands the men who clear the septic tanks (usually in the night or early morning) went by the name “Blumenmänner” (Flowermen) – but I may be totally wrong. It’s a fade memory, I read it in an autobiography. Of course it is an inversion – their smelly business is turned into the opposite image, from smelly shit to scenting flowers.

    That is nothing to be taken by the word, dear Anna K, it’s more of a Franconian saying. Like in other parts of the world people may say something like “Gott hilf !” or use a similar phrase. :)

    Less & less spam wants to help me with my virility ; more & More spam wants to sell me Jimmy Choo’s. I think they somehow use a profile based on The Infomaniac, dear Roses.

    Silvaner is a minor local, Franconian deity that appears mostly in the form of a golden fluid, dear Austere. ;)

  5. Oh dear MsScarlet – how could I forget !
    Aksimet does its job pretty well, for free on this blog here. But as I understood they want to see some money on the other site and a temporary luck of funding prevents me from using this service. And seriously I thought that nothing would happen there, I really did not understand how serious this spam problem is. The honeypot thing works in the background and since I switched it on I received no spam mail, for comments I still have to look. Of course – the first stop is the private blog to look for the precious comments of my beloved readers, ahem.
    I will keep that seo-thingy for a while, just to see how it works ; if it has some use, fine – if not & I get fed up with it, i’S de-installed with a few clicks.

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