Sunday Music

No, it is not another “tradition” forming – nowadays things that happen twice or are repeated more than two times have a good chance to be called “tradition”: It’s just a concurrence that Sunday Music comes on Monday again.
The whole day was hot, even hotter than yesterday, when the hottest hours of the day were spent under a scorching sun in a shadowless ruin. But this late afternoon brought a nice stormwind, even some drops of rain – and I wanted to hear lively, friendly music. Kaseko would be good I think, We Gwe Ma We Kon Baka [We go away, but we come back] performed by George SCHERMACHER, who formed the first Jazz band in Suriname, in the nineteenthirties.
Kudos to all of you who can at once point to Suriname on a world map without cheating – and perhaps you know the capital’s name too ? No, there’s nothing to win, just to explore ; a good starting point would be Amsterdam. So if you are near that place – receive our very special greetings and best wishes.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. we’ve got a humidity free, cooler week here. hope this
    front races across the atlantic & lands at your door darling.

  2. Must have lost momentum somewhere near the Azores, Norma, but nevertheless thank you for the try & good intentions ! At least it’s cloudy, so the sun is not very piercing.

  3. Like Norma, we’ve been experiencing a polar vortex, which is not unusual in our latitudes. I remember waking up one morning during a camping trip in the 80s and it was only 4 C. We could have used Shermacher’s dancing music to warm us up. ;)

    Have a great week, mein Lieber.

  4. I always wanted to go to Paramaribo – just because of the name. There lives only half a million people in that country, half of them in the capital. But additionally nearly threehundredthousand of them do life in The Netherlands. The actual president also was dictator in the eighties, people seem to be okay with this.

  5. It has been remarkably cool here in the south. I love your music, it’s rather lively.
    It made me want to jiggle my stuff. But, alas, I refrained. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and a good weekend.

  6. I think Norma is never on vacation, but always on duty, dear MsScarlet. It took me some time to find Suriname on the globe when I heard about it the first time.

    I did not believe it when you told me about it flugzug lx – I have to beg your pardon ! Obviously it was developed in the 1980s, is standard on some single engine light aircraft and has saved over 200 people’s lives !

    Shake it Foam – Meet you in Paramaribo !
    There is a very strange story connected with this, I’m not sure whether I told it here. I have to look into my own archives.

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