Sunday Music

It was an eventful little week. Among other things a pipe broke in our headquarters ; no details, it was nasty ; but at least was repaired very fast, now let’s hope that we can rearrange our stuff tomorrow and return to some “normal”.
On Frayday evening I had enough with the feed-reader-thingy I had used (GoodNoows), it became unbearably sluggish over time & started to reload, slowly, after any click on something. I did not want to use it any more when Savannah mentioned a new post on Mr. Moose’s site, already published, and my oh so fantastic reader was still sleeping.
I looked for something else, absolutely NOT web-based and found “Sputnik”, that I liked very much. After having it installed, put in the urls, tested it etc., it quit working on Saturday midday because something went wrong in Java. I could not figure out what it was, even after re-installing things went wrong, that was that. So I was left with the traditional non fancy stuff that simply does what it says on the tin. It is called RSSOWL (Ger., Eng.) and works for me.
Now let’s hear some soothing music from 1970, produced by Vincent GEMINIANI/GEMIGNANI, I found no more information about the man.
I hope the coming week brings encouraging and happy things, it’s about time.



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I have been using the Bamboo Feed Reader extension for news feeds and generally like it. There is a quirky interaction between it and Firefox where it stops giving notification of new articles until the browser is restarted and sometimes it re-lists old articles. I will give RSSOWL a look.

    Nice 70s music selection. It was new to me.

    I hope everyone has a splendid week.

  2. I had tinkered around with extensions, but most of them did not really work – all very similar to the problems you describe LX. GoogNoows was a one-way, no way out. When I looked at it the first time they said in the forum that they’d work on an export possibility, but it never happened. But what put me really off was that it became slower and slower, even while I reduced the number of urls to check.
    The music is so “seventies” isn’t it ?! I found nothing else by GEMINIANI. He is said to be a sculptor, but I found no works of him either on the web. If he’s still alive he should be 75 now, no idea what he does or did. I found the video on yt by sheer accident.

  3. I have Feedly all set up with my favourite sites, but I never remember to look at it. I have liked it when I have looked.

  4. GOtt strafe Gema, dear Z, of course I am not allowed to see this video. But I read the text and “the beautiful balloon” at once triggered the music in my head. The songs are surely similar.

    I have no experience with Feedly, but I think it is a good solution now Palimpsest.

  5. I love that soothing seventies funk. What a marvellous find Mago, and thanks for sharing it. I’ve listened to it five times now as the bass reminds me of a more modern song but I cannot for the life of me remember what. I’ll listen some more, anyway.

  6. Check out the links IDV, the man made an lp in 1970, the title here is track 2 on the A-side ; perhaps you can listen to more of this on FM or other sources in the web.

  7. I have my blogrol, my Blogger dashboard, Feedly, Bloglovin’, Mr Reader… and possibly another reader somewhere that I’ve forgotten about… I still miss stuff… oh, yes… I have the WordPress reader too!

    Have a good week!

  8. [on-topic!]

    I installed RSS Owl, imported the Google Reader (Bamboo) feed list, test read a few blog articles, caught everything up-to-date by marking all as read. No problems, easy to use.

    This morning Bamboo had one new article (dated 03 Aug) and three old articles (dated 17 Jun), which it does some times.

    I checked RSS Owl and it also listed the same new article and the same three old articles!

    .So, something is wonky in the RSS feed and not the fault of the Bamboo reader after all. ???

  9. We found some very unfriendly words for it, dear Austere. I just had a look, the painter needs to come in, he has to replace wallpaper too.
    A side-effect of turning to another reader was that I worked through a lot of links, discovered outdated sites, got rid of publications I do not like to follow anymore etc. Now that I get used to it it works well. I have a category “Blogs Silent” where blogs are stored from people I felt connected to and who went quiet, for one or another reason. I just keep them as long as the blogs are there and sometimes wonder what happened to them.

    That is droll – is it possible that the three articles were in a way corrected and re-published ? Or are they on a kind of rotation, recycled in a way, to fill the opening page ? That is something I notice on some news-sites LX, like DailyMail and SPON too: They dig up some older newsflashes, such that did not make it up to the top of the page, put a new picture ahead – and fill space with minimal effort. It’s summer, Sauregurkenzeit, silly season or off season, they will use anything to fill the gaps.

  10. It finally came to me this morning: Talk Talk: Life’s what you make it. The piano bass notes are very similar to Geminiani’s background bass beat. ::and relax::

    Good luck (to everyone, it seems) with your feed-reader-thingy’s. I have a vague idea of what you’re going on about, and am reasonably happy with my ignorance. It all seems quite vexing so I’m just going to stick with Blogger’s blog list updatey thing in my sidebar.

  11. Heavens – TalkTalk ! I had completely forgotten about them – and you are right IDV, it’s a very similar figure.

    The blogger update thingy is good for blogger updates, but I like to read some magazines – in fact it is a pretty long list. And these are besides those news sites I visit daily. So it is simply practical to have a little program that tells me about and conveniently links new articles ; and if I can configure this thing a bit to what I like, the better. That is all about that feed-reader mystery IDV. You use it only when you find that you need it, otherwise it’s, well, just thingy.

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