” … went missing and was believed to have drowned in a river close to her home in Luddley-cum-Mogwash; her weather-proof jacket, walking cane and one wellington boot were found on the river bank alongside a discarded Campari bottle. Foul play was originally suspected and a local man was arrested …”

Drama in East Sussex unfolds !

Latest Update (15:25)

A local man, known among villagers as “Campari Seb” who is living in or near the local bus shelter, is “helping the police” finding answers concerning the fate of Ms Scarlet.

16 thoughts on “MsSCARLET ATTACKED !

  1. Yikes!

    If members are needed for a search party, I stand ready to fly in. Although I had hopes of visiting the West Country in happier circumstances.

    PS: Campari? Really?

  2. He should have bottled it, dear MsScarlet !

    “Campari Seb” felt “significant embarrassment”, caused by “peculiar” & “gratuitously self-indulgent” activities of MsScarlet. Whatever that means, in the end MsScarlet seemingly had hit it on the head … But I trust in the East Sussex Constabulary, LX !

  3. If only it had been Cinzano! But alas, I have always been more akin to Lorraine Chase than Joanie. Sad but true.
    I cannot do links at the minute, but when I can I will find the appropriate YouTube and prove my point.
    Thank you for your concern.

  4. While I heartily agree that booze is good, perhaps it’s not so good to consume so much before going into the river, as we can see what can happen–you lose your jacket, cane, and a boot, too! And those things are very important and useful for getting around in wet weather. I shall join the search party and keep an eye out for the other boot.

  5. As I understand it Eros, it’s all about a magic “Bottle of Greed” that somehow was conceived and lost by MsScarlet herself. If somewhere a boot is sticking out we should start to dig !

  6. “Class” like in “class struggle” etc., deeply 19th century concept ? Or “class” in the sense of what nowadays would be called “cool” or whatever “in” expression is just en vogue ? I think that the social development in the UK may be different from that on the Continent, but is “class” still relevant ? I have no clear image / picture about the British society Looby, the DailyMail’s gossip section is not exactly known for deep-searching political analysis …

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