Sunday Music

Another week blurred by, we are already heading for middle of August (!) … There’s still aftermath from that broken pipe, but things are repaired and the room is fully functional again. Demons still need to be exorcised.
I still haven’t repaired my bike, but miss it, so the pressure is building up, hach … yes I am lazy, I confess.
While things generally trundle along their way, I discover the music of Mr. George BARNES (Ger., Eng.), one of the very early electric jazz guitarists. Here he is with a laid back version of Lover Come Back to Me, recorded in September 1946, hope you like it.
Have an uneventful and easy week !



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What a nice illumination LX ! It is a kind of repossession, but we do not work with Otto.

    30 °C here, and now and then wind that gives the fake idea of cooling, but in fact it’s only hot air …

    What an interesting highway, lots of interesting things to see. I would very much like to visit Mesa Verde. Route 666 shares the fate of stolen name plates with the idyllic village of Fucking in Austria. To cite from the article:
    “The Germans all want to see Mozart’s house in Salzburg; the Americans want to see where The Sound of Music was filmed; the Japanese want Hitler’s birthplace in Braunau; but for the British, it’s all about Fucking.”
    Ah yes … Fucking and Class, according to Looby …

  2. Wouldn’t it be the other way around? I thought the British were more civilized than us Americans. Shouldn’t they be the ones wanting to see where “The Sound of Music” was filmed and the Americans stealing all the Fucking signs? :)

    That made my day, Thanks! I hope next week treats you well!


  3. You are excused, IDV.

    Tu quoque, mi filia ? Ego te absolvo, Rosa.

    Roses, I have commented on your blog, but my comments simply fell through – I have no idea why. And I wrote an email to you – I hope it reached you ?

    Wise decision Norma, let’s stroll in the park.

    I have never seen it and so have no clue what to prefer, Fucking or the Sound of Music, dear Melanie.

    He’s a great one isn’t he LGS ? Together with Christian, Paul and Pizzarelli he belongs to the very first generation of electric guitarists. Then there is the lady whose name I forgot and of course T-Bone Walker. BARNES made the first commercial recording of an electrical guitar when he played for Big BIll Broonzy in 1938.
    I like BARNES’ style.

  4. Darling Scarlet, you are very British – and durch und durch liebenswert..

    Sorry – but I have absolutely no clue what a “Weissenborn” is LX. It is an amazing clip ! You show me absolutely new things.

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