Sunday Music

This time a classic, Petite Fleur (Ger., Eng.) by Sydney BECHET (Ger., Eng.), performed by Jo BRUNENBERG (accordion, could find no homepage from him, here his youtube channel) and guitarist Jeroen van den HURCK.
And just because I can, another earworm with BRUNENBERG.
Summer is gone, autumn arrived, soldiering on. Let’s see what this week brings. Hopefully all the best to you.




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. A classic that never grows old… even in a church!

    I try not to look any further than the next hour…
    The next hour??? I meant the next minute. :)
    Have a great one.

  2. Good selections. I especially liked the second.

    Summer lingers here, likely for more than another month before the Hellish heat breaks.

  3. The Petite Fleur is a classic! It always makes me think of and want to dance the tango!

    I second LX’s statement about summer dragging on here through September. It’s freakin HOT and Scorching over here! Even the nights feel like an oven slowly roasting you to a crisp. The days are unbearable with the hot winds and searing sun. It’s so hot that even the local pool feels like a hot tub in the afternoon. I can’t wait for fall to arrive and bring some relief, and hopefully, lots of cooling rain. And I hope you have a great week and enjoy the cool fall season.

  4. And so I liked both Ohrwürmer. Since we are doing the weather, it is not as hot as it could be. Currently, it is storming.
    I hope your week is good, mago. My summer is only over because it’s back to work I go.

  5. The next pay check, dear Jon

    Glad that you like it LX.

    Thank you Anna.

    Thank you Eros. I like fall very much, even when it makes me a bit blue.

    The thermovest is lurking Scarlet ?

    Ah, work, what a strange word, dear Foam

    Glad to see you again Savannah !

    Oh yes, Ella is always a favourite, dear Foam !

    Perhaps it could be his theme music IDV ?

    Stubborn people, LX. Maybe of Franconian origin.

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