Sunday Music

Achach … the past week brought at least one nasty surprise. A person close to us was unpleasantly treated and there was need to step in ; no details here, but it is exciting & not yet finished. It is not nice when mistakes happen, but where people work things may go wrong. Granted. Preferably only once, not thrice or more often, perhaps for some time, discovered accidentally.
It is not nice to blame someone else for own mistakes – for example an old person who suffers from a failing short time memory, painfully noticing the own shortcomings ; but the trust to these “professionals” is finally gone when they point the finger to someone who – as has been proven ! – can not have made the mistakes in question.
“Professionals” who can not even spell the word “responsibility” get the boot. It needs some thinking through, words like “mangelnde Sorgfaltspflicht” can not be used carelessly.
Other news did not help. Seeing black clad barbarians killing humans in heaps does not establish trust in mankind. Weltekel creeps in.
I would like to turn around and vanish, in a grant gesture of Weltverachtung – the to do list would be short : store firewood & gasoline, blow up the mountain pass road.
Preferably in the Piemont, a depopulated region in Northern Italy (Ger., Eng.), where one can purchase a borgo (a small, vacant village) for some Euro.
Kleine Fluchten, small escapes, daydreams in melancholic early autumn, big sky few possibilities.
This weekend’s Sunday Music is – of course – a fado sung by the wonderful Ana MOURA, hope you enjoy it.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Such intenseness from Ana Moura, but especially the prominent stringed instrument player.

    I hope your intervention on behalf of the unpleasantly treated individual is sorted out effectively and quickly.

  2. Don’t blow up the mountain pass road till I get there, please, I’m good at foraging for food (toady I brought home 7 kilos of plums), and all the usual domestic stuff.

  3. They are out, IDV, and that will stay this way. Let’s wait for the aftermath.

    Bring your camera and something to write please dear Palimpsest, the garden is all yours. I have no clue what grows there ; its green & goes into the salad & all is fine.

    HA – Peggy ! Good to see that there is more to Ms Sagal than being Mrs Bundy only. I heard Al is married again ? But he seemingly left the old neighbourhood.
    I would like to see the originals once, the translations were not the best LX.

    I think we will have to relocate Scarlet. The Piedmont village on ebay came with a tag of 245.000 €, for 14 houses with 50 rooms, dilapidated. In Sicily you get a whole house for 1 €, slightly dilapidated, but you have to restore it within three years. Here are pictures ; the town is called Gangi ; there was seemingly story about this in the Telegraph (see picture 4 for the link).

  4. Yes, I like this idea of creating our own village. I will defend the perimeter, none shall pass without just cause! Not in Italy though. I do not trust their judicial system. They gave prison sentences to scientist that did not accurately predict an earthquake! They would probably drown me in a bucket for the gold in my eyes.

  5. Ja, Al and Peggy have both done quite well for themselves in later TV work. Al has won awards for Modern Family and Peggy has awards for Sons of Anarchy. I have not seen either show.

    Clarification: I am watching Married With Children on DVDs, which include all of the full episodes with no commercials. Each 22 minutes of uninterrupted Bundys!

  6. Great music selection as always. And I am quite proud of you for standing up for your friend and getting justice! I hope things work out in your favor and the offending party is held accountable.

    What’s the real estate market like in Switzerland? They seem like a laid back country. Also, I’m craving some cool climate to escape the oppressive, insane, intense heatwave that’s been baking my part of the country for the past few months. And if I ever make it to Switzerland, I’d be looking forward to eating their cheese, chocolate, and other tasty treats in that alpine country. Also I’d like to blow on an alphorn and ring some cowbells.

  7. All I have right now is a deep abiding need to run away with my Boy and Cat to an island somewhere in the middle of nowhere and never look back.

    Sending hugs.

  8. Don’t know what happened to me, fell like hundred. Saying that – I knew a hundred year old man who was fitter than me right now. Time for vacancy, but there’s no escape right now.
    BTW this bug is creepy. Hope it gets contained. Or bottled …

  9. Don’t come near me Scarlet, I think its contagious – heck, I do need this right now wie ‘nen Kropf : I am supposed to have an interview tomorrow.
    Isn’t there a bottle I could use ? Please ?

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