Sunday Music

There’s not much to say, sorry. Still sick. Don’t come near.

Here’s music by Henry PURCELL (Ger., Eng.), movement 8 “Wondrous Machine” from his ode “Hail ! Bright Cecilia” (Eng.), dedicated to the patron Saint of church music St. Cecilia (Ger., Eng.) ; still some months to her feast day in November.
I choose this version by John FROST (discography) & the Kalmar Chamber Orchestra of London from 1956, because it is complete ; here is a more lively, swinging one (half a bar faster), but sadly it gets cut too early.

Take care for yourself. Stay safe, warm & dry.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this…

    *leaves bowl of hot soup next to Mago’s bedside, shuffles books into a pile and puts down a full pot of tea, mug and drugs next to him*

  2. Schnapps. Cherries do cure anything Kirschwasser LX. Bottled solutions – whether MsScarlet knows about ?

    To paraphrase Ms Nations: DRuuuuuuuuuugs ! Best swallowed with Kirschwasser – thank you Roses !

    I caught a cold while digging in the Mogwash Marshes, dear Scarlet. I suffer for art.

    *cough* Come hither and find out, darling Norma, *snirff* …

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