Franconians Don’t Climb

In earlier days one sat at the desk and worked for pay. Nowadays one sits at the desk, works and hopes to get the contract.
It’s not as bad as it sounds. But in order to land an assignment for a larger transcription project one must proof to command the necessary ability & carefulness – how to do better than by working on the job ? And they really picked out a tough example. Let’s hope all this leads to a contract in the end.

When I had enough of that scribble (and the description of body functions & fluids, it is history of medicine) I had a look into Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine (Eng.) – I have absolutely no clue how the 1867 volume has found its way onto my shelves. Thumbing through I found an article* about Hygiene.
Mrs HOPKINSON says that “every one has heard till his ears ache, how important is ventilation” – but people don’t give a damn : “The steam cars are filled with passengers, who sternly refuse admittance to the outer air.” Also people know that movement in fresh air and moderation in drinking and eating is key to health, but nobody cares.
Interestingly she mentions “Preissnitz in Prussia”, he installed a “water-cure” ; of course Mrs HOPKINSON finds, that “wash and be clean” is simpler and better – who needs these damn Prussians anyway ?
In fact Herr PRIEßNITZ (Ger., Eng.) is born in the Austrian part of Silesia. 1846, five years before his death, he was awarded the große goldene Verdienstmedallie (perhaps something like this, just in gold) by his Austrian Emperor. PRIEßNITZ died only 52 years old of a “shrinking liver” – perhaps a water-cure and moderation in eat & drink – ?

Besides the Austrian water-cure Mrs HOPKINSON mentions fabulous Franconia :

“Our countrymen enjoy change of place and change of air. We like to plunge at Newport, to climb at Franconia, to pour libations at Saratoga to Hygieia. We like to give money for things, and have our money’s worth. Why should we bathe in this miserable brook Jordan which runs before our very door ? Are not Abana (Ger., Eng.) and Pharphar (Ger., Eng.) better.”

Franconia ? Best country in the world, no doubt about it – especially because there is not much to be climbed upon around here. Some stony things in the Fränkische Schweiz (Ger., Eng.), yes, but that is really remote and I doubt Mrs HOPKINSON knew about the very existence of this area. So what is she talking about ?
There are a lot of new ports in the new world, one in Pennsylvanien too (Eng.). “Libations” may point to Saratoga Springs (Eng.) in NewYork. And Franconia ? Climb ?
Maybe she mistook our humble hills for the Alps.


* HOPKINSON: Hygiene. In: Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine, Philadelphia, March 1867, 258-260

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  1. It’s better, thank you Scarlet. Still not yet “yippiee”, but definitely not “böööh” any more.

    PS I hoped so that Mrs HOPKINSON mentioned a bottle, but she did not, sadly.

    BTW Are we a bit “in a mood” ? Maybe a nice browser Ballerspiel may help ?

  2. I never saw this IDV, the gesture, the show, anything connected with it. I think there was no German version of it – and if so I never saw it too.
    In fact when Ms Scarlet spoke about someone called Nugent I thought about the guitarerro & NRA gun slinger – a big question mark had formed over my head : What should this cowboy do in rural Southern England ? I mean such a guy would never hit Ms Scarlet with a Campari bottle ! On the other hand she used a Jack Daniel’s bottle in one of her works.
    Coincidence ? I had no idea about Dusty Bin and all related.

    IDV – many thanks for making me appear in your flying saucer saga !

  3. Oha …I just had a look on Wonky Words again – the guy you mentioned is named Ted Rogers, not Ted Nugent – how could I ?!
    I never saw Mr Rogers. And: he seemingly was from Yorkshire – so I guess I would not have understood him. I mean there was a video clip from a bus stop in Yorkshire some months ago on Mitzi’s, and I never understood it, except for the mentioning of the death penalty – but I may be wrong, perhaps they discussed the habit of hitting people with bottles, anything is possible in Yorkshire, no ?

    Sorry to hear that bloggers quit, dear Scarlet, another one bites the dust, as Queen put it.

  4. Really it’s just us left isn’t it… and the others that occasionally flop in when they feel like it without a bye or leave or a how’s your father….
    Well I don’t care… I DON’T CARE… I have bottles and books and other bottles… so Ppppfffttttt. That is all I am saying.

  5. Holy crap.

    How did they put the lego-man there and kept it from melting ? Seriously – this is very impressive XL. Molten stone. What a cauldron.

    One of your lighter days MsScarlet ?

  6. I just looked at it again on youtube, and found Geoff Mackley mentioned – he is a crazy guy, His website was / is something called “rambocam” or such and the name is really fitting. He goes to really strange places, and is a regular storm chaser. Have no clue whether his site still is there, I think he once moved all and everything to youtube. Some of his old material included accidents and stuff, kind of WeeGee with a video. And in colour. Australian I think.

  7. Thank You oh Foam with slow as snail computer. It’s very warm and balmy outside and I heared (not so) distant thunder.

    GAARG !
    Heck – THIS is mean ! Whoever came up with that prank – its pretty elaborate – made a nice Drehbuch. The poor girls – next time I wait for the elevator … The guy in the subway / underpass – works when spider dog comes along, damn I’d jump through the concrete wall ! Great find Spinne LX !

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