Sunday Music

Sorry Roses, a bit late I know. But no worries – it’s still Sunday, technically. I’m still c.t.
Sometimes we all need to be wrapped in a kind of fluffy warm blanket & regress in a baby-like condition of blissful Wohligkeit. One possible way to reach this wonderful state of mind may be listening to the tenor of Fritz WUNDERLICH (1930-1966) (Ger., Eng.). In his much too short career he recorded a lot, and one of the evergreens is Du bist mein ganzes Herz from LEHÁR’s (Ger., Eng.) Land des Lächelns / The Land of Smiles (Ger., Eng.).
Here it is – I hope you enjoy it. Have a successful week. And no flu !



18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Now everyone asks : What is she thinking about ? My guess is that Scarlet lives through her panto successes again.

    Nichts zu danken, dear Anna:

    Yes, pre-warmed, like what one is given in a good hamam, dear Eryl. BTW are thee steam baths in Scotland ?

    More memory Jon ? Where have you been all the time ? You ran out into the Canadian summer, just to come back with the first snow ?

    No worries Norma. But do not bury that lbd too deep in your garderobe.

  2. HA !
    I wonder how long it works, Zeit LX ? And whether it works with any fruit ? What about vegetable ? They say in the article that it functions with peaches & bananas too.
    What do you think about the latest apple gadget ? It is nothing for me. I am so glad that I rarely carry a watch (and if so, its an old mechanical one), I will never buckle a little brick on my wrist.
    Apple watch, google glasses, exoskeleton – all very nice, but what is it good for ?

  3. I have also seen lemons and potatoes used to produce electricity like that. I guess anything with a proper pH balance would work as a battery.

    I personally have no interest in the new Apple iWatch. As I understand it, it requires an adjacent iPhone to work, so the watch thingy seems redundant to me.

    An analog semi-mechanical self-winding watch with time, day, and date suits me. I rarely take it off.

  4. Du hast recht, Mago. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been out of a job since June, but I completly lost track of time. 2 weeks feel like 2 days and vice-versa. I didn’t realize I had been away so long. Like Ms Scarlet, I needed to change my hair style but in my case though, I only add a few more feathers.

    I tried to comment on the post with Ana Moura but comments are closed. I’ve been a big fan of Fado for a long time. I even learned portuguese for a few month only to be able to sing these wonderful “maritme blues”.

    I also tried to comment on Victoria De Losangeles… but that was a looong time ago. I had the opportunity to see Ms De Los Angeles in Montreal in the late 80s just before she retired. An embarassing moment for the audience and the musicians of the orchestra who were trying to keep up with a diva that was half of what she used to be, out of tune, out of rythym, out of everything. So sad.

    Anyhow, hope things are a little better for you.

  5. This self-winding mechanism was a very good invention. If the watch needs the phone next to it – this is a bit silly, isn’t it ? I have to look where the old watch lies around, LX.

    Sorry Jon, comments get closed automatically after two weeks – simply because of the spam.
    I do not remember how I found Ms Moura, but I always return to her. Of course there are other excellent fado singers, but I always come back to her. Portuguese is saied to be a soft langugae, softer as the related Spanish – where is Leni when one needs her ?
    That is a sad story about Victoria de los Angeles – at least they tried their best and helped her through. After all it is hard work, body and brain have a peak, afterwards the abilities become gradually lesser. One can hide a lot with professionalism and experience, but there is a point when things to not work perfectly anymore. From perfect to good, to good enough …
    I am just trullering, thank you for asking Jon. Will you be a little more often on your blog ?

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