Sunday Music

Here we are, a bit late as it seems, again ; ta – this habit should not form. In fact I very much dislike unpunctuality, and usually do not wait longer than ten minutes, cheerio call my office …
Did something special & extraordinary happen this week ? I am sure, but not in my life. I tried to focus on transcriptions, and miraculously it seems possible to reach the deadline. I think I’m contented with my work. I do not have the feeling that I left something out, that staring at two hundred year old brown paper would lead to any more success – there is always hope for satori (Ger., Eng.), but I do not much like koans (Ger., Eng.), I like it better when the text in front of me makes sense.
So it’s reading, comparing, combination, searching for strange words in lexica, but mostly staring. Two passages are still difficult, but it’s not much inspiration any more, we reached the transpiration part, usually the more boring bit. Everything will be wrapped up in a nice little parcel – in fact in some files -, containing the specimen, a little introduction of me, and of course my ideas about the adequate price. Either they like it, or not.
I hope You, my venerated readers, do like this Sunday Music, a 17th century chacony (Ger., Eng.). The author is an anonymous, but the piece found its way into Das Partiturbuch Ludwig (Ger.), an incredible source for music of the æra. Harmonie Universelle and Florian DEUTER have compiled a selection of pieces from the Partiturbuch, I do not know whether it is all available on CD.
Here is a gentle music, I hope you enjoy it – and have a good week.




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It is a lovely gentle piece. It makes me feel like I’m waiting for a wedding to start.

    Vincent Geminiani’s Ophis le serpentaire is still my favourite of your Sunday Musics, though.

  2. Music always seems to make more sense when it is composed by Anonymous.

    At least, we’ve got the proof that Albinoni didn’t invent anything.

    And.. oh yes! I’m also running a little late. ;)

  3. I feel elevated and slightly confused when I read “Wonky Words” – a very nice feeling Scarlet.

    Its always a matter of momentary sentiment, dear IDV. What is findable, not too long, and simply “fits” …

    Pleased that you like it mistress MJ.

    Ach, what’s the difference – let GOd sort them out …Poor Pachelbel seemingly wrote only one piece in his whole life … and Albinoni’s indestructable Adagio sadly throws a deep shadow on his other works, they are simply overlooked I think.

    Hello James, welcome and thank you for your first comment here.
    What a remarkable short dream, but at least a stimulating glimpse into another state of mind I hope ?

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