Sunday Music

Grey. Light rain, the sort that “goes through”. A strange week it was, bursts of activity next to phases of nothing. No appointments answered, not even rejections. It’s a bit like a black hole that sucks in activity, time and hope and spits out nothing but frustration. As I sit and look out over the small valley I watch the grey getting denser, fog falls. Then it dissipates, only to form again, all within three-quarters of an hour, as if the land was breathing.
Looking around in this room I realise that books & papers are in a mess, forming piles, getting in the way – tomorrow I will start to sort through this, not any damn scribbled notice is worth to be kept, not any copies made in preparation for a never written text must be kept for later use, simply because there is no later use, just another ghostly idea, in all probability outdated anyway.
They started harvesting the wine this week. Walking through the wine yards I noticed that some vine stocks, notably those of the red variety, are hanging full and full, while others carry small – and still pretty sour – grapes. I will have to ask the friendly winemaker next door about this year’s harvest.
Sunday Music from Jethro Tull, Pan Dance 1975.
Have a good week, and don’t store too much old paper – only produces dust.



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Huh .. How could I not have been familiar with this one by Jethro Tull? Lovely pan flute playing.
    Here’s to progress in the war on papers. Personally, I think they have sex. Or something. The papers in our house seem to multiply exponentially on a daily basis.

  2. Because it was not released on one of their albums, but only on a single, around Minstrel in the Gallery, dear Foam. I have no clue how papers do it, but these seemingly unanimated flat objects must hold some special knowledge …

  3. Ja, the interminable waiting. I always found that to be the most angst-producing aspect of a job search. I personally would have handled it better knowing it would be “X amount of time” before getting a result. The open-ended wait — very difficult.

    The horizontal surfaces in my place tend to collect papers, mail, and all manner of detritus.

  4. I find this waiting paralysing, LX ; hard to start something else, like a small side job, it would perhaps lead to conflict, and my weak point is avoiding conflicts ; so its soldiering on in the moment.
    I would translate detritus in this connection with Zeuch, or Kram. And around me is definitely too much Zeuch ! I will get rid of much stuff, I am not comfortable with the room anymore. This should be cleared before winter comes. And there is always the possibility that I’d have to move, “less is more” in this respect.

  5. The main problem is that I do not find what I am looking for Palimpsest. E.g. I always wanted to write about the Women of Eniac and even received the copy of an article via Fernleihe, but I do not find the damn thing. There is simply too much shtuff. I hate it when books lie over books in the shelves, or when shelves are not high enough so that I have to put them in across, then the title is not readable. And the damn dust makes me sneeze. It’s about time to do something. One or two days for cleaning, and a week to sort books and papers – there is a large skip for Altpapier just down there in the yard !

    Cyril and Methodius – producing even more texts …I can not read it. I barely recognize the different alphabeths, but could not identify the language depicted.

  6. Nice music! I started my blog in Spring 2007 after falling into quite a state of depression. I left a terrible job and made a full-time job of applying for a new job, hopefully a “dream job”, but it was that black hole. Each resume and cover letter painstakingly tailored to call out the key job functions to get through the computer filters and then to show that I had the demonstrated qualities that they were looking for and still nothing. Finally that year I got a part-time job that led to the opening of a full-time job, but it was not what I had hoped to find and well below my full potential. Now I have been a stay-at-home mom for four years and all my experience has rusted and rotted away and I don’t know what the future holds if I can’t make it as a published author. Another grocery store cashier with a college degree, I suppose. Melanie

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