Sunday Music

Last week was pretty nondescript. It just was. Days at the desk, reading, writing, looking out of the window. So let’s have Sunday Music without circumstances. It’s Lew STONE (Ger., Eng.) & his orchestra and Al BOWLLY (Ger., Eng.) singing about the implications of moonlight on man’s brain, uuuh – turns it seemingly into mush …
Hope you enjoy the music and have a peaceful week ahead.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. We had the most beautiful week. Sunny all across and warm but cool at the same time. Very comfortable. People are happy and smiling. The last time to make the best of the terrasses around town. Weather should be back to normal by tomorrow and the fall colors are starting to show up. I love autumn.

    Gave my mom a listen to M. Stone. Reminded her of “her” time. She was born in 35 so she must have heard this kind of music on the radio.

    Have a great week, mon cher.

  2. No need to say sorry Werwolf LX – “and his hair was perfect !”

    Don’t get a moonburn, dear Scarlet !

    “Warm but cool at the same time”, yes late summer / early autumn. Do you have also this wounderful light ? everything is near, clear and transparent. Autumn is great Jon !

    Don’t worry Melanie, I read about the “Sisters of the Wood”, but had nothing to say. And it reminded me of the lexicon where I wanted to look for material about creatures of the wood and then I had a bad conscience …

    Darling IDV … they are all around us, not only on Albion …

  3. Thank you! I need to do more with this gravatar thing? Thanks for linking! It was nice of von LK and Ms Scarlet to visit! How could you possibly have a bad conscience about finding something so interesting? Probably best that you did not spend too much time looking for it! I spent a good deal of time trying to find a book I was telling someone about last week and I never did find the damn thing! Maybe I had already loaned it out and forgot.

    Take care!

  4. The link of your name in the earlier comment (from Monday, 29th September) leads to your gravatar-site, and from there is no connection to your blog. But it is sorted now, because the link of your name actually leads to your blog directly – I have no clue what is changed where, but it works now, Melanie.

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