Sunday Music

Some days ago on a meadow down the valley a little cone-shaped burning red tree appeared, but it is already gone again. One should not wait, but take a picture when one can.
So here is a picture of today :


Es grünt um mich herum


Last week I had to notice an unpleasant smell in my kitchen. I first thought something would drip out of the wall, but it was all dry there, also the tubes under the sink were dry, no puddles on the floor. And because the water vanished down the drain unobstructed the only possibility left was the side-line that leads from the place where you put wet dishes into the main tube.
I can not understand how such a mess can form in there, it must have been a ton of mushy gunk I pulled out of this little plastic tube.
Besides this kitchen adventure nothing exiting happened here. I write applications and collect my letters of refusal ; I read & write and should visit the library ; perhaps a meeting tomorrow evening will lead to something, who knows.
This Sunday Music is Nilla PIZZI (Ger., Eng.) with Sul Mare Luccica, a swinging version of Santa Lucia (Ger., Eng.) from 1948 – hope you enjoy it.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Ah, Santa Lucia – The Santa Maria of it’s day, perhaps? Actually, perhaps not. Santa Lucia sounds a lot more classy.

    I like your tree photo. I love standing under a tree near the trunk and looking up into the branches.

  2. I have not seen a drain tube like that. The air conditioner drain tubes at my home on Maui would become clogged with algae growth because of the warm climate. I would pour liquid laundry bleach in them once a year to keep them clear. Perhaps a similar situation?

  3. “Tatjana” seems to have difficulties with her blanket – an itch, perhaps ?
    Here Mario LANZA slams Saint Lucy into the living room, CARUSO seemingly did the ultimate version.
    Trees are nice fellas IDV, usually they do not mind when one climbs upon them, they always look nice, and some smell good. I like them a lot.

    I have no clue what it was, von LX. It was thick, soft, blackish stuff that built up from where the tube entered the normal pipe that empties the sink. The other tube, that one from the sink down, and the “knee” at the lowest point where water stands and keeps out the smell, was fine. Not disinfected clean, but all right, nothing growing & obstructing the way, no gunk, not even real grease. I dis-assembled the parts – it’s just some plastic things, a screw and some plastic sealing things, cleaned it with acidic cleaner (Essigreiniger) to get rid of surface fat or whatever may be there, put it all back together and tested for leakproofness, poured down some additional hot water and that was it. I have no real clue about algae, I do not know how this does look.
    It is warm under that sink, because the warm water tube comes in and this is sometimes really hot – it even heats the cold water line, so that I sometimes do not need to use the hot water, because the “cold” water is warm enough !
    I spoke with the “Hausmeister” about this once, he originally has learned a profession “auf dem Bau”. He said that the original layout of the building (boiler rooms and heating, internal technic things) was changed when the whole structure was renovated. They have to fill in the water at a high temperature to be sure that it is still hot on the top level of the house.

    HA – I hope its good memories, Melloyd9 ! I like this post-war jazzy swing a lot, its friendly and has a nice warm tone to it.

    I have no clue dear Norma – let’s just swing it – foxtrot, darling !

  4. Come hither, Melanie – and I hope you do not mind that I reach up to your bust only, sorry …

    Lanza, as Wunderlich, died much too early. He did deliver a good show !

    Einfach schwingen lassen, dear Foam.
    I will have to go and look, but I doubt that it turned golden already, we had no real cold night yet.

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