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Sunday Music

This week brought a tough surprise to casa dell mago. We had to discover something pretty mean, done with intent & against better knowledge by someone we trusted. In the end a lesson in manipulation. Will be interesting to follow the further development. All I say about is – never trust old ladies just because they are old & frail and you think they could do no harm: They can, with vengeance. And the older they are, the more deep their grudge may sit and fester. Getting old does not mean to become wise or lenient ; in a weak body a determined spirit can live ; as long as one can write his name, things can be legally signed ; and when death is not far away any more, moral and ethics may become just spoilage. There will be some fall-out from this.

But there happened a very good thing this week too : A friend invited me to join him on a visit to the Auto&Technik Museum Sinsheim : They have everything there ! Here just a few pictures :


He's looking at You.

He’s looking at You.


North by Northwest

North by Northwest


Tracks of a Tiger

Tracks of a Tiger


That's the Spirit !

That’s the Spirit !


This Sunday Music is well-known to people of a certain age who misspent their youth in front of a tv-set. It’s the complete version, at 1:10 someone just found out that he was screwed over by an old lady …
Hope you like it and that we have a good week ahead !




18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. So true about old people. Wisdom has nothing to do with age. I feel sorry for people who never found a way to let go their anger and resentment.

    “La vieillesse est l’autocritique de la nature” wrote Emil Cioran. Roughly translated it means that old age is a reflexion of the way we lived. I do believe it. I’ve seen it in everyone I’ve known. They may look good, generous and kind on the outside, but inside, they’re a bundle of anger and bitterness. Some keep in inside, other just spit it those who haven’t learn yet not to judge a book by its cover. Most of us get fooled. We learned from our mistakes.

    Groovy music and nice photos. I don’t recall this tv show though.

    Have a great week

  2. Cool Sunday Music! It’s a little before my time (not much, mind) but I could still almost feel the breeze from the giant collars and flares flapping around.

    That first photo ‘face’ reminds me of Día de Muertos.

    I hope the old lady fall-out falls mostly on her and not on you. I’m sure comeuppance will be dealt.

  3. Thank you James. We stood under that machine and thought both about the Hitchcock film. My special love is Annette Hanshaw (“Dat’s all”).
    When looking for Sunday Music I never know where I will end up with – old Jazz, modern Jazz, Blues, Classic – when I find it it’s there. The only thing I always look for is the length – not longer than four minutes !

    It comes out, Jon. The best or the worst, it comes out. And it boils down, condenses, yes I think what you cite is right. Age itself, and in this case the start of dementia, takes away the “Firnis”, the coating, it shows.
    You also do not know the “Streets of Frisco” ? Heavens, was it only made for export ?

    Ha – young Douglas in earl seventies garb – Malden would always wear a hat, a coat and his bulbous nose.
    I took that photo because I saw the face, IDV – I thought first of a gas-mask. But you are right, it has something of these Mexican skulls.
    I am not sure of the comeuppance (I had to look for the word, it is translated as “wohlverdiente Strafe”), but I am sure that she in the end shot herself in the foot. And no – we do all Not to get trashed with this. Thankfully no one can point with a finger in our direction : We did nothing wrong, legally or morally. There was a trap, but we did not step into it. We recognised it only in hindsight.

  4. A finally – you are a true soul Scarlet ! Curtains ? Here’s nothing to see … not yet.

    I remember some series from the seventies, like Cannon, Colombo, Petrocelli, Stursky und Hutch (“Arschki und Quatsch”). “The Streets” run originally in the early seventies and came in German translation around 1977.
    And NO : No Inagaddadavida ! [Can’t afford the shit right now.] And NO Greatful Dead – I like them, but it’s simply too long ; also no full classical concertos or suites, one movement has to do.
    Over the years I more and more prefer small forms, Wormser von LX, short forms, condensed, reducing. In writing, in music, even taking photographs has changed. Die feine Kunst des Weglassens. I’m not good at it, but I try.

  5. Princess says:

    I remember this music and the show it was from but I’d not heard it all the way through. Karl Malden and a very young Michael Douglas. That Karl was real eye candy. Thanks for the groove Mr Maggs. I too am curious about those curtains

  6. 1looby says:

    How evocative! What a brilliant piece of music — I remember that series well. It was the epitome of West Coast American cool, and watching the intro it was easy to think us Brits would never manage to be that hip. It’s great to hear the full version because as you say you can’t drag the credits on for 2.48.

    And then to go to the cat on the theramin — from the sublime to the ridiculous!

    Re the old woman — at least you’ll recognise or be more wary of that trap in future. So she’s taught you something, in a fashion.

  7. Z says:

    Sometimes, old people lose their inhibitions about behaving badly, in one way or another. When they were younger, fear of being found out, respect for social conventions or a wish to be respected kept them honest or clean or polite. I’m so sorry she was mean and that it has hurt you.

  8. Less of a ladybird, but more of a vulture … at least that’s what I am thinking right now Melloyd

    “Candy” is not what I would associate with Malden, dear Princess. Beetroot perhaps, cabbage or cold beer …

    Give her some time and she’ll do better than Leon Th. himself, Wormser von LX !

    Thank you for pointing out the good side Looby.

    I’m just “collateral damage”, dear Z.

  9. One of my psychologists told me that as we age, our fronts lobes shrink and with that comes disinhibition. So I guess for some old folk, they can’t hold their nastiness in any more whereas some of them have not much nastiness to hold in. 🙂 Oops! Frontal lobes.

  10. Front lobes, ear lobes. what’s the difference … She is mean, and it hurts to see her this way. She is crumbling away, things can mostly explained and excused, but not all, there is a residual rest of genuine meanness.
    Anyway. it’s dealt with.

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