Would Someone Please Hand Me a Gun ?

I did not smash something.

My venerated readers may remember that I mentioned some weeks ago that we are working on a transcription, a test for a larger project. We put some effort in it, the original source material was not that easy to read, and it is a pretty special subject.
Anyway we followed the instructions, produced two texts according to the edition rules, and wrote an offer, covering all necessary topics. Send it over per email to the man responsible.
Usually one gets a short note like “Thankx, we received it”. Other things happened, we kept it in mind, after all this would bring us over the winter.
It’s late October and this job should start now – so I phoned in today. A pretty sourly lady told me that I’m too late, the contract is already handed out, and no, never heard my name. But she would be so nice and check with the responsible bloke.
Hours later she phoned back. Never received that email. Aha – but it did not come back to me, so it was delivered. The address is correct, as checked in this conversation, date, time, title, attachments …

They did not check their bloody spam folder.

Since when do you use email ? I got my first email-address in the late eighties as a student. We used Pegasus-Mail back then, it is still around and running. Later spam showed up and the first clumsy filters were introduced.
Nowadays one gets a notification when something falls into this category – one just has to LOOK !
I send out plain-text-mails without links in them, that is what most spam filters check first, links to nice fake sites. The attachments were to their regulations, in the format they wished them to get.
Mr super professor – every bloke there has at least one academic title in front of his name & one behind – did not check this, wonder how many other offers the moron ignored by doing so. And of course the project is handed out now, gone.
I can accept a rejection, pointing out to a mistake, or a discussion about how I read and transcribe something. I can defend the price – but that someone is TOO DUMB to check his mail properly is not acceptable.
Avanti Dilettanti !
Schreien möcht’ man …

14 thoughts on “Would Someone Please Hand Me a Gun ?

  1. I am shuffling my feet here as I am rubbish at checking my spam box. I do it about once a month and I am not that thorough. Some of my emails get ignored…. I have a numeral in my email address and I sometimes wonder if it is this that sends my mail astray?

  2. Well, damn! What a bunch of fuck-wits! I am so sorry to hear that you lost out on a job bid because of such idiocy on their part.

    I check my spam folders as soon as they have caught something. Most often they are offers for male enhancement offers. But sometimes they do catch a legitimate e-mail. If your e-mail ever gets put in with the sleazy offers, I will rescue it!

  3. What a bummer. I do check my spam filter because it’s so random, sometimes it takes out something that I’ve previously okayed. But my IT guy (senior interface developer, whatever that means) son says he never checks his personal spam folder.

  4. Nothing basically surprises or upsets me anymore. Not even shootings. It’s better for my health. I hope better opportunities are afoot for you, mon cher.


  5. But you do check your spam-box, Scarlet ! I get a notice when something is labelled “spam” and sorted into that file. Thunderbird automatically creates a spam-box I think, or is it something my provider does on the server, I have no clue – it is bog-standard, that’s what angers me – just using the normal run-of-the-mill-stuff is enough, one at least sees the topic of the mails before one deletes them. Ach, enough of that nonsense …
    I hope all your mails did reach me ?!

    That is nice from you von LX ! The emails I usually get offer “enhancement”, but now the focus shifts a bit to “bodyfat”. The spam comments here usually want to sell me high-heels, luxury goods (the original Vuitton from Indonesia) or they make absolutely no sense.

    As I just read Mistress MJ is safe.

    Thank You Melanie – yes, it is the reason ! In fact our offer was not even seem and assessed. No, I do not want to get angry again.

    The filters – where ever they are – are learning. If there is an email taken out and I allow it in it usually works. I remember to have seen a list of words that direct a mail automatically into the spam-folder and I remember to have put some on this list, but honestly I could not find this now. But it’s done, scho’ um’s Eck, dear Z.

    So you are close to enlightening, dear Jon ? Either that or you took a nip of Armagnac ?

    Ich wünsch’ dem Kerl die Pest an den Hals, Foam, but anyway, it’s gone.
    Now I’ll have another coffee and will think of something different.

  6. Oh pigs! that’s the kind of thing that terrifies me, if I ever send out a proposal I worry until I’ve heard it’s been received. I’ve yet to get to the stage whereby I send a reminder if I don’t hear, so this has happened to me before too, though there wasn’t any money in it so it didn’t really matter in the way it does for you. I do hope something comes along to see you through the winter, it looks like it’s going to be a long, cold one. Chin up!

  7. Spot on Palimpsest, spot on – this will be a long cold winter to come.
    Yes – if there is no acknowledgement of receipt the next day there follows a phone call, this will be practice now. Learning by doing …

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