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Sunday Music, Early This Time

The fog fell fast, within a quarter of an hour all was blanked out. The trees in roughly thirty meters distance from the house are just an amorphous dark mass, I hear cars on the village road down below but see not a flicker of their lights, no moon.
I spend two hours in the company of a neighbour, Klaus phoned in and liked some company. He is in his wheel chair and I had helped him some days ago to re-arrange his furniture so that he can reach shelves and stuff. It was nice and relaxed and he had his tv-set running – Jesus, it was a kind of cultural shock : A kind of talents-show or something, thankfully we were mostly talking about this and that – and of course I was testing his Rumtopf (Ger., Eng.). He can not use the brew for himself because of his medicamentation, alcohol strongly forbidden.
That show was, well, I had no idea what humans would do voluntarily on tv for their 15 minutes of shame, or was it fame ?
The only heartwarming gig was a lady from Peru who did a Meerschweinchentanz, the dance of a guinea pig – she did not even try to aim at the “fame”, but just hopped around for two minutes in a guinea-pig-costume, it also could have been a rabbit or something else furry. But she was funny and in a way de-constructed the whole damn thing, the whole audience laughed heartily and she received very warm applause.
The rest of the “candidates” was dead-serious about the whole muppet-theatre and seemingly understood this to be their major career step, happily displaying their shortcomings in front of a pretty mocking panel of “judges” – as Klaus told me this panel consists of a hairdresser, a self-styled style-advisor, the decal of a blonde of undisclosed profession and a “tv-personality” – I think I recognised this last bloke. He once was part of that subterranean eighties duo called “Milly-Vanilly” : What a freak show. The Rumtopf helped, I have no regrets whatsoever that I threw out the tv some years ago.
BTW tv – here is a link to an article a friend sent me : If you toy with the idea to buy a new tv – read it and do not say afterwards that you weren’t warned. Who buys such a machine and ever uses the word “private” again is a hypocrite.
Is there something else to report ? I think not, all quiet at the Mago-Front ; it’s quiet in the house, its quiet outside, fog, you remember – all feels well.
So let’s hear some Sunday Music – this is the incredible Lenny BREAU (Ger., Eng.) (1941-1984), who was found strangled in a swimming-pool, a kind of guitarists’ guitarist, with his version of the indestructible “Lullaby of Birdland” – I hope you’ll enjoy it.




12 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Early This Time

  1. Nice and relaxing jazz right before I geh in die Haia. :-). A rumtopf .. We have similar stuff soaking in our cabinets .. I
    in brandy and moonshine. Blueberries soaked in moonshine can make you very happy. Oh, I’m not a fan of reality shows, especially the kind you described. I hope you have a relaxing Sunday, mago.

  2. I only became aware of Milli Vanilli when they were exposed as recording frauds. So now Milli (or is it Vanilli?) is a celebrity judge on TV! Must prove the saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity!”

    Speaking of Vanilli, I’m thinking some cherry rumtopf or Foam’s blueberry rumtopf would be very good on vanilla ice cream.

    In the Obama police state, TV watches you!

  3. I remember Milli Vanilli parading around on Top-of-the-Pops in revealing lycra with their dreadlocks/cornrows/whatchamacallems bouncing all over the place. Expert lip sync-ers!

    That TV makes me want to go live in a cave somewhere. * shudders *

    At least the music makes up for it. Lovely!

  4. I asked him what he had filled into the pot, dear Foam. He used rum (“echter Überseerum”) and some wiskey, sugar of course, and put in grapes, some cherries, plums and small red berries he could not remember. It’s not thick, so not a dessert, but a kind of “Bowle”, ein hinterhältiges Gesöff, I quit after three smallish glasses.

    I could not tell them apart von LX. One had black hair, one was blonde ; none could sing or use a guitar, it all was posing ; some of their songs composed by a person called Frank Farian, a case for himself.
    Yes – “Rumtopf” and “Moonshine Berries” scream for Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream & chokolate sprinkles – with a cherry on top !

    Yes – exactly IDV. They were profound thinkers with in depth-texts like “baker-man is baking bread”. Looking back, there is a lot of DADA-potential to be discovered – especially when you know that they act it out, produce not one single sound, their only task is to stay serious & not explode with laughter – but they were laughing on their way to the bank.
    Lenny B. is a very interesting musician.

  5. Z says:

    I wonder who on earth wants all this knowledge about us – invasion of privacy for no reason, most of what we do is deadly dull anyway. But what an alarming article.

  6. I had to look up “Valerie Cherish”, dear Norma. If I get it right it’s a kind of reality-tv-overkill, a bit like a maze from mirrors – and an outlet for the people behind “Sex and the City”.
    Yes, poor Lenny was strangled in the pool, no arrest was made. As I read he was steering away from his drug use at this time, possibly already clean, very sad, he surely had some productive years ahead.

    I think there are three reasons Z. First – it’s done because it’s possible. If something is technically possible – and additionally encouraged – it will be done / built / manufactured. Whether it’s useful or makes sense – it makes sense right now, that’s enough.
    Second – it is the phantasy of a manic security person. Security is good – a kind of mantra for some time now nobody questions – at all cost, seemingly. When a more or less talented hacker can use this device, someone who is hired by an agency can too. And who reads the handbook, seriously ? Bug, camera & profile, all in one, thank you, customer, for making our job a bit easier.
    Third – of course this data the machine collects is good for mining and for advertisements. But I think the money is not made with a taylored ad for some stuff beamed in a living-room (after all that is no buy yet, no money payed), the money may be made with very usable profiles: detailed, up-to-date, selectable, always new – so who sits on this stuff, sits on a well, a source of raw-material for anything that may come – and even if we do not know what will come & how – it will be data-driven. So these machines make some sense, not only short-time, but in the long run too : It is the total valorisation & exploitation of the oh-so-holy customer.
    I wonder whose idea was this “internet of things” anyway ?

  7. Were you watching the German version of Britain’s Got Talent?!! If so I was dressed as a kangaroo, not a Guinea Pig!!! Just thought I’d clear that up.
    Have a lovely week, Mr Mags.

  8. BUT… on a positive note, the article finishes with I’ll be in the market for a new tinfoil hat and cone of silence.
    So we will be able to flog all those tinfoil hats we made, after all.

  9. I actually am about to buy a new TV. I am glad I saw the article you linked to.

    Some of the people I work with put a dark piece of tape over the cam on their laptops. Sometimes I wonder if I should do that too. I wonder about the audio too.

  10. It is possible that it runs as “talent show” – but basically it was a very fast series of advertisements only interrupted by different scenes of young people preparing to have a gig, being on stage, and finally getting judged by the mentioned “specialists”. What I found amazing was the sheer mass of advertisements, the arrogance of those “judges” – and the fact that this counts as “quality tv”. According to Klaus it is not as brain damaging as other shows.
    It is well possible that it was your kangaroo-costume recycled, dear Scarlet, in fact it looked like as if the tail would have fallen off at an earlier occasion.
    Regarding the tv – I really wonder who finally has to watch the watchers, I mean all these data – if they ever shall make any sense – must be retrieved, analysed, processed blabla – who will watch Scarlet in front of the tv watching “Britain’s got talent” ? And like you I am glad that the tin-foil-hat-compo is not only justified by being itself, but that after all our products will have a real use ! I think I must make adjustements for my mask …

    I have a nice little msi-apparatus here, HappyApathy, the camera and the microphone can be switched off via software, not in windoof, but with the maintainance-tools that come basically with the machine. I’m sure if you look for a possibility you’ll find a way to switch these things off in a way to have them started easily again. And I love what some other small machines have, an inbuilt swinging metal thingy that can be used to simply block off the camera lense, I love it when “low-tech” beats “high-tech” to bits …

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