Albion ? Is that You ?

Holy ding-dong – what happens ? Some hours ago I received a notice from wordpress, there would be “a spike” in my statistics. I went out and now come back to find that the number of visits of this blog has tripled in a few hours – and they all come from the UK !?
What have I done ?

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  1. I had a spike in the summer because of people looking for Telegraph crossword solution… the question was about calligraphy downstrokes. I n the end I put the answer at the top of the post that was getting all the hits.
    And way back when, I had a spike because the rubber glove fetish forum were sharing one of my posts about Fairy washing up liquid (I kid you not). They’re all a fickle lot… they are there in their hoardes one minute, gone the next.

  2. It’s now roughly an hour later – and the number is up to more than 250 hits and still swelling – so it is five times more than the usual. Maybe I should write an “aside” and announce that “the founder of The Fanny Club is desperately looking for an erection” ?
    I think the most clicks go to “Feel me Grip” – sadly I did not mention “rubber gloves” in this text … mh, want to write a fairy comment, dear Scarlet ? :)

  3. Why Scarlet ? Is there a housing crisis, I have no clue what is going on ? I think prices in and around London are exploding since the rest of the beautiful islands is left alone – ? All those sheiks and weapon dealers buy Kensington while other places peacefully crumble away …

  4. I hope you can cope with the attention. I say this because I think it would send me into a tailspin; I have to gird myself to check my emails these days. Any news on the ‘would crawl to’ it post?

  5. Swell, Scarlet ! Possibly all these people want my oatmeal-factory in Hohenlohe – but its mine, mine alone !

    I feel like the bug under the microscope, dear Palimpsest. But I swear that my new stardom will not affect my behaviour to all the other minor people …
    Sadly not – no news ; all sent, all posted, all received – no further reactions all around. If something happens I’ll let you know.

    Who’d thought that I can arouse you, dear Mitzi. The epic swell is over, it stopped at 275 hits. It think it’s retracting now & time for a cigarette.

  6. No, Norma. Other post titles could also have been understood as double entendre, but nothing received such traffic. I have no clue what started this.

    I looked at the wordpress statistics under “referrers”, and there is absolutely nothing extraordinary. The summary for the last seven days shows 20 as coming from search engines (search items unknown), the rest are referring links from other blogs, all of them I know. There is nothing unusual nowhere, dear Z.

  7. Thinking of it again, and looking at the numbers, I notice that the “grippy” post was published last Thursday – and the numbers did not change after this, the following days over the weekend showed absolutely nothing outlandish in the statistics.
    Only on Monday the visits went up a bit, exploded yesterday and are rising now again. The statistics tell me that “views per visitors” is usually between “2” and “3”. On Monday this number went up to “8”, reached 17,19″ yesterday and is today already at “19”.
    Sadly I have absolutely no clue what that means – I am a mathematical illiterate. Can my venerated readers be so kind and tell me what this is supposed to mean ? Seriously, I have no clue.

    “Total views referred by links to your blog” is “7”. But actually there are more than 180 visits today, 170 from the UK. Have I been mentioned in a tabloid or something ?

  8. I’ve no idea, maybe you left some interesting comments on your friends’ sites and people are coming to have a look at your blog. That’s how most of us found each other in the first place, after all – if you find you keep more readers, that could be the explanation. But if it’s just a blip, you may never know.

  9. Thank You Z, it’s very friendly of You to assume that one of my comments could be so interesting. But to be honest, I doubt it. I think someone somewhere wrote a false link, in an article, a news-site or something like that ; all will be back to normal tomorrow. But in these two days I received as many visits as usually in a month.

  10. I’d prefer to be healthy & wealthy, dear Anna

    Welcome back LX !
    Was it in copperplate, by chance ? Good that it was not my phone number …

    *glances at Scarlet* … No, of course not …, naw, who could believe such a thing … Mogwash …

  11. ?
    Sorry James, do I have one ? What is “grinder” ?

    I just looked at what wikipedia says about “grindr” – no, sorry, I do not use this “app”. Seems to need an iphone or other apple-products, I don’t even have a modern portable

  12. Oh dear, oh dear, I think it’s me. I followed a link from Ms Scarlet’s blog. If I come across a blog that interests me, I like to follow it through from the start so that I know the background to what I’m reading. I’m sorry if it’s caused any consternation.

  13. Wart’malwaitaminute … Hello and welcome, thank You for Your first comment Autolycus. – You mean you read yerself through seven & a half years of my blog ? You did this from Tuesday to Thursday last week ? I had roughly 550 additional visits in those three days – and I noticed that someone is looking at old posts, but I did not check & look whether someone would read systematically my old wittering … I mean, I thought I knew something about research, but I take my hat off and bow low, respect. I hope it was not too boring – on the other hand, if it would have been, you could have stopped any time easily – you are one determined reader ! Respect !

    I’ll have a look, dear Scarlet – bwuhahahaaa – *cough* –

  14. I confess to not actually playing all the music, interestingly eclectic though it all is. I like the historical and genealogical discursions. I’m up to date now, so I fear your stats will suddenly decline – but that’s statistics for you.

  15. Damn – I got used to the highs … I wish I could do another round of excursions Autolycus, I lost the connection to my possible customers. I really miss it.

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