And Now For Something Com … Yes, Exactly

So, there … this nonsensical “spike” seems to calm down. Don’t know whether the “Icy Stupa” helped or not. Should I have given more grip ?

This is just a small “aside”-post. Things I met and found interesting.


Nobody knows for sure who Ulfberth (Ger., Eng.) was. Possibly a Franconian (a-hem !). They found a new sword only lately.


Remember the architect Antti LOVAG (Ger., Eng.) ? I have mentioned him (and some others) on this blog some years ago (palais bubbles, the house he built for CARDIN) ; he died in September this year, well over ninety – rest in peace, Antti.


Remember my post about Franz von GOETHE ? Mr APPLETON, from NewZealand, send me this : Something TV about the whole matter.
I really should watch it, APPLETON is somewhere in there, never saw this guy.


I really would like to know more about Vicki PALMER. Here are some photographs of her from 1957 ; she also can be found on this tumblr. What happened to her ? Where is she ?
I like her.


There is always the Pylon of the Month.


And just because I can, 12 minutes of Baroque Music (HASSE, Ger., Eng.) performed by one of the imho most marvelous young voices of the coming generation of countertenors : Here. Enjoy.
(Hope it works. It’s something to listen. 12 minutes, mind you ! Jon -? !)


And finally some music :


Hope you enjoy it all.




12 thoughts on “And Now For Something Com … Yes, Exactly

  1. Ms Palmer reminds me of the pictures on the packs of nude playing cards I didn’t buy when I used to live by the seaside as a teenage boy. It was more exciting than the lingerie section in my mum’s mail order catalogue.

    Thank you for Pylon of the Month. I have learned that “pylon” is a Greek word for the monumental entrance to an Egyptian temple. Have any other words lost so much potency (in one sense) and gained so much (in another)?

  2. I thought that it was Ms Palmer I saw over at Informaniac giving MJ Burlesque lessons… Just as well I’d taken my ostrich plume fans so I took the opportunity to join in… It was a real hoot until sadly, I dropped one of my fans mid pirouette…

    I did enjoy that bit of Oregon… thanks Mr Maggs and do try to stay warm…

  3. I misread that as “Python of the Month,” expecting silly walks and such. Sorry.

    PS: If another spike situation arises, please feel free to reprint any of my posts — that should scare them off!

  4. You got me again! I will now be obsessed, googling images of pylons all day!

    I have ALWAYS had a weird weird fascination with those. It’s not just the pylons either – it is also the huge swath they cut through forests to install them. For some reason, those fascinate me too. They are pathways through wildernesses that nobody ever goes down, except the pylon workers. And hunters, I guess. I guess the obvious thing to say is that the pylons look like people. Their design is such a contrast against the wilderness areas they are set in. …all that stuff…not sure why, but those always fascinated me. I’ve taken some pylon pictures – i had one I was super proud of, but I can’t find it. Here’s a pylon cut I’d like explore before I move away from this area. (I hope I don’t get shot back there.) Nothing spectacular, it’s just that it’s close:

    Off to Google images I go. Because I have the time.

  5. This is a very good question Looby – I really must put some thought into it !

    Your dance can be described as poetry in motion, dear Princess.

    Yes, it puts things in perspective, doesn’t it ? Glad that you like it Palimpsest.

    Thank you for the offer LX ! I really have no clue what happened and what kind of crowd was directed here. No comments, no spam, no referrer, no nothing – just hundred of clicks from the UK. As Asterix saied : “Die spinnen, die Briten.”

    Oh a pylon afficionado ! Back in the day the DMC run a section also called “Pylon of the Month”, but I quit following the magazine, it’s not dull enough any more.
    Don’t despair Happy Apathy.

  6. … – ? Ms Palmer may not be as interesting as Ms Zidel is to you, dear Norma, but nevertheless her biography would be interesting. I think she was born in the 1930s, if she is still alive she’d be in her mid-eighties. I never searched for persons of the 20th century in the US, and without a proper name of a place it seems senseless.

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