Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Another week survived. Lets see what this month will bring.
BTW the statistics fell back to nearly zero. I think it’s time to approach these numbers according to their importance, and ignore them all together.
This Sunday Music brings you Dinah in a gentle version by Eddie LANG (Ger., Eng.) and Joe VENUTI (Ger., Eng.) – hope you enjoy it. Have a peaceful and friendly week !




12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. James says:

    I read an article about housing in Berlin is the lowest of any of the large cities in Europe. Are you still searching? Wonderful music.

  2. I never look at stats, they only depress me. I’ve kind of taken to being pretty okay with having almost no followers. Makes it easier to say what I want and not give a damn!
    Team Netherworld hasn’t been on WordPress of late. It was too much of a pain keeping up with two blogging platforms. Which blogger site to share? I guess which is the music and pop culture blog.

  3. Wellll, it’s not something that is specifically celebrated around here, XL. One or another politico gave a speech, and basically that was the official part. I do not know what happened / happens closer to the border. The president of our parliament had invited Wolf BIERMANN to come in and sing a bit, seems to have been a kind of eclat, as BIERMANN started talking a bit and the president reminded him that only members of parliament have a right to speech there. B remarked that he did not shut up in the”DDR” and that he will not start to shut up right here now. Damn right. From that it went downhill because he called the members of the left party (“DIe Linke”) “remains of what is already overcome” (he meant the old DDR-party SED, Die Linke in a way is a successor to this party.) and “Drachenbrut”, he did not say “damn”. Bit tough to call elected members of a democratic party and parliament “Drachenbrut”, even when all is understandable and comes out of his biography, naja, viel “deutscher” geht’s halt nimmer …

    Glad that you like the music, James. I am just curiously looking around, not directly searching.

    That seems to be the most healthy attitude, just ignore that nonsense and write what you want, Rose ! I wondered a bit because nothing happened at the asylum, but had no idea where to look for you. I’ll drop by soon !

    Damn cold here, grey – just returned from the town’s market place, ga – the near-by river sent pretty wet-cold-foggy air into town.
    Thank you for the good wishes – same to you Jon !

  4. … no, I will make no remarks about your readers, dear Scarlet

    Thank You for bringing kalebuel to my attention Looby, very interesting blog. And Wolf surely wanted to get out, have a cigarette & kick something …

    CHEERIO Savannah ! Good to see you back in Blogsville !

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