Sunday Music

My neighbour in the wheelchair asked whether I’d help him with his computer. He had bought a new printer and it needs to be installed.
Why not ?
Of course it was a fiasco. Some people call me paranoid because I developed the habit to delete cookies etc. regularly “per hand”, what means simply not automatically, and that I run two maintenance-programs every two weeks or so. Looking at my neighbour’s computer I learned to appreciate a cleaned and maintained hard-drive again.
He admits that he has only superficial knowledge of the computer, mostly his brother takes care of the machine. Brother told him tons of horror-stories about the dangers of the interwebs. In the end, while trying to install that printer, besides the anti-virus-software at least two other programs interrupted the action asking silly questions & uttering apocryphal warnings like “if you continue to do this Armageddon will come earlier & you’ll be held responsible by your local GOd”.
My neighbour tried to bribe me with Rumtopf (again), but after some hours of this nonsense I had enough and told him that it would be much easier to format C:\ and start from scratch. He did not like the idea, but promised to get rid of the most annoying “helpers”, use the service-programs that come with the operating system, and if things are working again, we’d give saied printer another try.

But this is all trallala. One week ago a friend told us about being ill. She detected a lump in her body that should not be there. Seemingly early enough, no metastases ; chemo is on the way, half-time now I think ; first week is cry&vomit time, second is better, third “all right”, just to start again. The timetable for further treatment is already printed, there will be an operation and there will be radiation – yes, full treatment. She’s in her mid-forties, strong, optimistic, I am (stupid, I admit) very sure that she will overcome this damn illness.
For Sabine, and all women who have to face cancer all of a sudden, a nice little nothing of a song : Trio LESCANO with Tu Piccina, originally You Are a Sweetheart, from 1937.
The Trio LESCANO (Ger., Eng., article) has a very interesting history, marketed as the Italian answer to the Andrews-Sisters the three Dutch-born sisters LESCHAN were very successful in the Italy of the late thirties and early forties, until someone became upset about her Jewish mother. I’d like to see the documentary about them.
I hope the next week will bring only good news, for diversion, it’s about time.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. For the printer, try to not use the installation disk provided by the manufacturer. That will avoid the (mostly) crapware that it will install. Instead, simply connect the printer to the computer and let Windows detect it and install the correct drivers. If Windows doesn’t automatically detect it, use Device and Printers > Add a Printer and install manually.

    Very best wishes to your friend in her fight against cancer.

  2. Yes, I think that is the best to do LX. Windows nowadays understands, respectively connected devices give a handshake and introduce themselves, so the os should grab the correct and actual driver.
    I believe she’ll beat it.

  3. You are the best kind of neighbor. I had a great neighbor in Florida, we became great friends. Not sure about here in the new home yet.

    Best wishes to your recovering friend, hoping all goes well.

  4. I’m already content with being seen as a good neighbour, Happy Apathy

    Midler went into the studio ?! I bet she did a ton of shmalzy christmas songs, just to make sure that her retirement is really safe ! She must be closing in to eighty now, dear Norma

  5. Aren’t Bette and Norma identical twins?

    I’m just freezing right here. Winter as arrived much sooner than expected. -12 C right now with gusty winds (hold on to your wigs, bit****!). Fortunately, the Leschan sister along with a nice cup of café-crème manage to bring a litlle bit of warmth to this morning.

    Best wishes to your friend.

  6. Maybe they are one person Jon – they never have been seen in the same room together !
    It’s not yet freezing here, but yesterday all of a sudden all the leaves had come down – it looks bleak now, especially all that wet tar in the fog …
    Thank you Jon.

    I’ll let her know Scarlet dearest – good to hear that it worked for your mother !

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