Ach, Titel vergessen …

Snoopy is right, as so often.



Rain. Cold rain. Short days, one has to turn on the light at 16:00. Travelling youtube and realising that most of the artists one listens to are already dead, does not help to brighten the mood. Freddy Mercury, Pavarotti, James Brown – ach Du lieber GOtt … is this turning into a kind of Totentafel ?
At least the printer of my neighbour is working, it does what it is meant to do. Klaus was very happy when he discovered that he can make copies while the machine is not connected to the laptop.
The screaming mother-of-the-year downstairs is remarkably quiet these days, perhaps she realised that she had gone too far around here, who knows.
Business is bleak, no customers in sight. No answers to applications, at least nice yeah-we-received-yer-scribble-letters. Perhaps a small, but steady job to pay the bills, we’ll see, I knock on wood. Three times please. Yes, I’m superstitious, some times things may not be spoken, pronounced too early does no good. So I’m just pulling meself together and answer silly questions in my head, stand in the room and watch my hands while I’m talking (where do I put them ?), and try not to be nervous. It is just a job that would pay my bills, and involve something I like to do, far away from my profession. The fact alone that I’m nervous now, shows how dependent I’m on this. In earlier days I’d just shown up and saied “Here I am, take it or leave it !” Now the “leave it” option is no nice outlook. In German this would translate as “den Schneid abgekauft”. But the bottle is not totally lost, I guess, there’s always Mogwash
Some music here, there, und da auch noch. Sleep would be nice.

14 thoughts on “Ach, Titel vergessen …

  1. Mogwash has septic tank issues and will soon be knee deep in its own proverbial. Other than that just trying to keep warm whilst not flushing the loo too often :-)
    Good luck with the interview… I hope it’s for something interesting!

  2. Ohhh – must be winter, Scarlet’s thermovest is out again ! :)
    Are there no sewer tunnels at your place ? If something goes wrong here you always can watch channel tv. When the sewer men came by here last year I joined the bloke in the car and our janitor to have a look into the channels beyond this house, was even in colour. They can even bring in remote-controlled robots to cut roots and do other maintainance. I did not touch the controls.

    You’ll remember if it was important, dear LX !

  3. November rains .. bleh ..
    This job search is a downer. I do hope you get this job though. Talk about channel surfing, eh? (Referring to your above comment).
    Leonard Cohn is not dead..
    If you tell me you dont like him I might have to faint.

  4. Naw, there was only one channel and it was a shitty program.
    I am sorry, dear Foam – how does Lenny Cohen come into our little comment box ? Did I accidentially cite him ?

  5. It’s all going to turn around. It just takes time. There will be some new angle, some new thing that will come along.

    I’m thinking I won’t even look anymore the rest of November and December. The companies are still deciding on their budgets maybe – or they’re not into hiring right before the holiday.

    January 1st! We are going to kick ass all over the place!

  6. “Einstein-brain” …. no idea why I have to think of this film now dear Foam

    THat was it ! Thank you for the link LX, its an interesting article – next time I will look at my neighbour’s computer I’ll use one of these programs, the un-installer, just to be sure that the nonsense is out of the registry.

    Thank You Z ! I am slightly optimistic & knocking on wood.

    The last “wave” of employment ads was in August / September, that was when I wrote the most. Now they are sifting out. The country gets effectively shut down at the 24th of December, in four weeks that is (!), and restarts on the 7th of January. We should be ready to attack then, Happy Apathy.

  7. God, you know how it is : One really misses it only when one has to use it – and seriously, when do we do this ? – and then it’s too late & one needs to improvise, as always. Philosophers may call it “fake”, I call it “survival”.

    Thank you Foam – totally new to me, I have not heared something from Mr Parker until now. I will definitely look for more of his music.

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