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This day was the first sunny one after a seemingly endless row of short, grey & cold interludes dividing the winter night. Nun ja, this may be a bit exaggerated. The hungry wolves are not yet coming into town – but who knows ?!
In this week Jadwiga PILSUDSKA (obit) died, in her nineties, the last surviving daughter of Marshall PILSUDSKI (Ger., Eng.). She had returned to Poland after 1990. In a way the second world war ended only 1989, the Poles for example did not stop after 1945, also some people in the Baltic. That’s why they are pretty nervous in this corner of Europe today.
Some clandestine organisations had bureaus in Germany and through the 1950s and ~60s there was intelligence activity and murder. I wonder if there is a comprehensive historical research paper about this. Actually there is a trial against some former high-ranking officers of the Yugoslav service, accused of more than thirty (!) murders committed on political opponents in exile here in Western Germany through the 1970s and 1980s (German article, English article).
But not only Tito’s henchmen worked here (and in Austria). I think the Bulgarians were responsible for “wet actions” against opponents of the people’s republics in Western exile. The Soviet service had labour and responsibilities split. If I’m in the mood I’ll write a bit about it.
But not now and today.
It’s already nine in the evening again, time is fleeting. Four weeks to Christmas, first advent on next Sunday !

Here is a silly little song, performed by Frankie JAXON (Ger., Eng.) sometime in the 1940s : It Must be Jelly, ‘cos You Know, Jam don’t Shake (Eng.). I hope You enjoy it, all the best for the next week – and let’s get this year over and done with, hopefully without any major disaster.



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  1. 1940s? It sounds older than that. (That’s a positive comment, btw.) And, apart from being silly, it’s also extremely rude!
    Thank you, btw again, for your weekly weird and wonderful musical discoveries.

  2. I think the Glenn Miller title from 1942 is either a cleaned version (btw I have not heared the big-band-version) of an older Vaudeville-song or it is something totally different. Here is Jaxon & friends, possibly from the late 1920s or early 1930s. He headed some groups and played with various artists. He came from Vaudeville, hence his rude texts. The article in wikipedia about the Glenn Miller song says it was first recorded 1942 ; Jaxon is said to have turned away from performing 1941, and according to some writers he already died 1944 ; others say he died 1953, or in the 1970s. It’s all a bid of a muddle.
    Thank you Tim, I never know for sure where I’ll land when I start to look for Sunday Music.

  3. Yes, indeed, the Bulgarians saw off one of their dissidents on London Bridge, with a poison injected (well, this was London, after all) from the ferrule of an umbrella.

    And of course, Putin’s goons had nothing whatever to do with the unfortunate incident of polonium in Litvinenko’s tea, they just happened to be at the same table.

  4. Kan ye know Norma ?

    Thank you Savannah, now & then I like to listen to old hocum music, Tampa Red and Jaxon did some nice tunes together.
    You are a rare sight in blogsville lately, damn fatzebook …

    Around here it’s less wolves but wild boar one has to protect oneself from. Weihnachtsmarkt will be nice in the evening, preferably with a bit of snow falling – then Glühwein is the poison of choice. Or Glühbier we had it years ago in front of the Rathaus – you know at the little plaza before it goes over the old bridge. I have good memories of this brew, warm dark & spiked beer. Gives even this windy corner a warm & mellow glow.
    Ah yes, progress, fly in the bomb and press the button. I think this started some years ago when agencies began to use ego-shooters like “Duke” for training purposes.

    Umbrella – that pulls a trigger, der Regenschirmmord, or were there a couple of them ? I have to look for this, I think there was an incident in Munich too. And hey – the trail of radiation they left through London that could be easily measured even months after they had left town – they are Russians, they have Uran for breakfast and are generally beaming : Where’s a connection, eh ?
    Thank you Autolycos.

  5. The lyrics to the song are a hoot .. :)
    Yes, the erster Advent is just around the corner. Of course, here we also have our Erntedankfest on Thursday. I am really trying to to be a holiday curmudgeon this year .. sigh ..
    Maybe I need to look into a recipe for Gluehbier? Never heard of it.

  6. I think it’s allright that I do not understand all of it, dear Schaum.
    Oh Turkey-Day – I’m ready for LX’s traditional cranberry dish ! I don’t know whether the Gluehbier was from a brewery or the idea of one Wirt here. It was sold on one stand only next to the Rathaus – I have a good memory of it. It was brown-reddish, spicy and strong.
    Some years ago Bierwaermer were forbidden in taverns, for hygienic reasons – what I think is silly. As far as I know nobody ever was infected by a Bierwaermer

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