Sunday Music

It’s a nasty grey outside, looks always as if it had a little bit of yellow mixed in it, November grey that seamlessly turns into December grey – at least in three weeks days will start to become longer again. Then it will be really cold and we’ll have some snow, but at least in daylight and perhaps even in the sun, and not in this endless twilight that forces one to switch on the electrical light at 15:00.
Nothing new here, no reactions, they be bad or good. A lot to read and discover. Coughing & wheezing around me, but except from a little rough throat I’m fine. No smoking helps, perhaps I can get rid of it, again.
This Sunday Music comes from Piero UMILIANI (Ger., Eng.), less than three minutes ; a bit like the introduction of a theme at the start of a major piece, a symphony perhaps, or a cheap European film of the seventies – I hope you like it.
Now bring on December, this year rushed by in a hurry. As far as I’m concerned it may reach its end without decelerating, 2015 can only be better. I hope we’ll have a peaceful week ahead, stay warm and don’t get mad.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m sitting outside enjoying an unseasonably mild day. My phone is slq with yputube right now. I’ll have to listen to your music later. I do always enjoy your selections though. I certainly am not planning on getting mad in the upcoming week :-)
    Hope your throat feels better soon, Mago. May a ray of son shine your way soon.

  2. Thank you for the friendly advice, dear Norma – I had to google a bit to find what you recommend – I’ll look at once for a string of paperclips for that “Sutra”-thing !

    Oh, we all do not plan to get mad in the next week, Sonne in den Augen, I am sure – but one never knows !

    [coughs in General Texan direction] *cough*
    That’s what I tell all these wheezers and coughers around me, LX – but do they listen ?
    Ach, babbel … !

  3. How’s the non-smoking going? And well-done to you!

    It’s just turned proper winter weather here and to be honest, I don’t really mind too much. The autumn has been very protracted and left me feeling a bit weird.

    Keep away from the cough-ridden people!

  4. Oh Lordy, I have not thought oh Heino in decades! That brings to mind heintje, Roy black, Udo Jürgens ..
    But, alte deutsche Schlager just might do the trick

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