Just When You think …

… things could not get worse – they will.
Must be a law of nature. Human nature that is.
I’m not talking about money – paying my bills at the start of the month is an adventure in itself.
I’m not talking about job hunting, at least I get very nice and personalised letters of “thank you, but you are not the one we were looking for”.
It’s what in German is called “Gutmenschentum” – those blokes that turn up when least expected, with the best of intentions (seemingly), who kick you in the groins – and kill all determination to reach the “good” aim all actions were intended to ; simply because they know no better, or – what I presume in this case – because of malice ; or because they “know all the better” (and are members of a supreme race of humankind glowing in their righteous halo), untouched of any detailed knowledge about how things are handled, about juridical forms, and – most strikingly – without any interest in good communication.
It’s brain-melting, anger-inducing & perhaps Mickey SPILLANE was right:

“I don’t like people. I don’t like any kind of people. When you get them together in a big lump they all get nasty and dirty and full of trouble. So I don’t like people including you. That’s what a misanthropist is.”

Of course I like You, my venerated reader, but at the moment I’d happily blamm large holes into some people I had to learn to know, just in the vain hope that it would stop their disgusting stupidity and Pharisaic boastfulness to spread. But I know it’s of no use. So I keep to clearing up the mess, cook meals in the night and put a kettle on the stove, for tea, warm hands and listening and planning – rats, the world would collapse without tea and warm water bottles. Strong beer and *cough* cheap cigars.
And easy music – here’s Natalino OTTO (Eng., It.) La piu bella sei tu, aber ja.



19 thoughts on “Just When You think …

  1. Instagram. Calligraphy instagraming. It’s a bit addictive :-)
    Apologies. I am Instagramed out now and I have a Blogger post to write. Oh, and there has been a little work. I just can’t multitask… I either do one thing or the other. Be back soon.

  2. Seems to be a powerful new drug, this “instagram” – but I think as with all stuff it’s out of the system after 36 hours latest, dear Scarlet.
    Glad to see you back.

    Everone’s an island, Happy Apathy.

    Cool calm & collected – and lots of sleep do help too, dear Anna K..

    Yep, 2015 can’t be worse Roses.
    Mmm, would you hug me again, please ?

    YES ! I wish I had some money left – I’d give some for this product to be developed ! Great find qwertz LX ! Would be cool to have a function for the – how do we call it ? The metal thing we used to transport the paper ?
    Haha – I rally like it ! clicketyclick

    “Now mister the day the lottery I win I ain’t ever gonna ride in no used car again”
    Nebraska : Our new used car

  3. Hopefully things look up soon. Yes it is me… not a figment of your imagination. ;-) I will flit in and back once in a while. No guarantees on when. Hang in there, Mago!

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