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It’s convenient (and laziness) that I do not have to think about a title for the Sunday post. At the moment it would be something like “Why can’t these asocial basteds downstairs not keep quiet ? Not even once a week, on a Sunday, they are able to shut up. Why do we sent people not longer in the quarries or the mines ? Or Australia ? Where is the inquisition when you need it ?”
So I put the headphones over my ears and listen to sounds – like Dick RAJIMAKERS’ (Ger., Eng.) (1930-2013) Song of the Second Moon (1957, together with Tom DISSEVELT (Eng. Nl.) (1921-1989), here) – while I sort through the files on my computer. It is time to delete the unnecessary items, keep & store other things ; and I always wanted to work through the tons of images – some are acceptable, some are just a waste of space.
RAJIMAKERS is a pioneer of electronic music, a reader about him was published in 2007, his works until 1997, are released on three CDs (here’s a link to the second edition). In his œvre we find experimental pieces (like Contrasts or Tweeklank) next to more accommodating, less unwieldy sounds, like the happy-sih Whirling (Electronic Movements, 1962). I hope you like it – and if you have nothing better to do, explore RAJIMAKER’s world of sounds and early electronica in general : It’s a beeping and scratching, a sheer delight.
I wish you a quiet & uneventful week !



Google / Youtube seems to have installed a new auto-play, at least I encountered this the first time today.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The first neighbour showed up at 11:30 to tell her to be quiet. LX, it’s useless. The poor sods who have the appartement below her must be living in hell. I fear there is nothing left but writing a complaint to the landlord.
    I think Capt’n Beefheart is too intellectual and sophisticated. Perhaps German rap ? Or two hours of Heino’s greatest hits … Wenn sonntags früh um Viere die Sonne aufgeht … [and the neighbour starts to yell] Holladiho

  2. King Ubu ? No, I “know” the play by Jarry, French madman of the early 20th century, but did not know about this resource ! Very cool, tons of stuff to be discovered : Thank you for the links Happy Apathy !

  3. Glad you like it IDV – there’s more of this stuff. Kid Baltan & Dissevelt were pretty productive in the late fifties. I think twenty years later many of their sounds re-appeared when the one-man-bands popped up on rural weddings and other festivities – what in the late fifties was avanteguarde’s previously unheared tip of the javelin became farmer’s humta and was used for the Schlager of the day.

    Cool. I definitely will look at the whole seventy minutes, Happy Apathy. There is so much stuff to be seen & heared ! We ( = I) need a history of productivity, avantguard, art as it happened – there is so much “stuff” I simply do not know about !
    BTW, are you interested in the culture of Iran ? Lotfi, he may rest in peace, or Soroush Izadi may be interesting to you, just look for them on yt.
    I am pretty stumped by the sheer largeness of the resource – it’s a Wundertüte !

  4. Oh Lordy, I have not thought oh Heino in decades! That brings to mind heintje, Roy black, Udo Jürgens ..
    But, alte deutsche Schlager just might do the trick

  5. Heino nowadays tours with Rammstein. No joke. Heintje Simmons now and then flits about when he knows nothing else to do, Roy Black drunk himself to heaven some years ago. Udo J. Bockelmann is still very active – heck, the man was celebrating his 80th live on stage while on a big European tour. Who survived the seventies is still around. I think they are adrenaline junkies who can not exist without stepping out on stage every night.

  6. Foam – I have no idea why two of your comments are not shown on the site here – but they are shown in the list of recent comments in the wordpress bar, and under “Activity, Comments” on my dashboard. They are not in the spam file or need other clicking – they are simply not shown here.
    You mentioned that you made them with your phone ?

  7. Hi Mago! There’s so much out there that the internet has now made accessible. Sometimes you find real treasures! Hoping all the complaints to the landlord eventually pay off.

  8. I accidentally posted a couple of comments meant for this post in another post. I was usuing my cell phone/handy and scrolled down too far. I’ve listened to some Rammstein, not a lot, but enough to know who they are. I had no idea Heino toured with them at times.

  9. Happy Apathy found it, Ponita. I think these downstairs idiots suffer from cabin fever, weekends are the worst. We’ll see if things become better or not.

    Stopfpilz is all I say, dear Mitzi

    Thank you for the clarification Foam, I thought I’d have something messed up.
    Rammstein was all the rage with black clad juveniles some years ago. I never accepeted their walle-walle-drama, maybe one must be fifteen to like this. I have not heared what they together with Heino produced and refuse to listen to this.

    I’d happily send them a Rammstein concert, dear MJ.

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