Good Girl Anni

This morning Anni from next door felt the need to make some points clear. First of all she stated that it was a really bad fancy to get up so early (“Ich will in mein Bett !” / I want in my bed !), and that getting dressed to go out into the cold darkness was also not the brightest idea this morning (“Ich will mich nicht anziehen !” / I do not want to get dressed !). Also the impending visit to the kindergarten was not to her taste (“Ich will nicht in den Kindergarten !” / I do not want to go to the kindergarten !).
Apropos taste, what her father had presented her with for breakfast was seemingly not what her mother would usually put on the table (“Ich will das nicht essen !” / I do not eat this !).
Her father is a physicist at the uni labs here, he is slim and looks healthy, perhaps he gave her a carrot or something, surely not chocolate-coated-sugar-bombs – not that she needed additional energy, all natural and already taking off.
Ahja her mother, (“Ich will Mamma !” / I want my mother !), she’s with Anni’s younger brother away on some family gathering or such, just a few days.
When her father called from another room to get ready and dress (he seldom raises his voice), because it was time to leave, she switched to a fake crying that was not convincing. She clearly felt no bodily payne, and her father, despite his carrot-obsession, never hits his children – the “crying” really needs a bit of effort & training from her.
Anni was simply terribly infuriated (“echt angefressen” – I guess one could translate this with “seriously pissed off”).
She did not only tell her father, me – the next door neighbour -, the people on our floor, but I guess the inhabitants of the whole village what she felt about this early morning situation. She kept on her stark communication while I heard either the table or a chair being dragged over the floor – she seemingly clung to a table leg despite her father’s repeated requests to release it (“Lass’ endlich los !” / Take yer hands off now !) – and she kept her protest up until the elevator doors shut (“Ich will net!” / I do not want !), incorruptible.
I like Anni. She has character (& good lungs) and gets her priorities right. It’s better to stay in the warm bed until daylight than being dragged into the kindergarten through cold drizzle in the damn-dark-morning, the last extension of a long, cold night. And I like that a five-year-old clearly says what she wants and what not.
It is sad to know that Anni has no chance to break this stupid rule that kindergarten, pre-school. school and work has to start at eight o’clock in the morning, and that there is no chance to switch to a civilised time, at least one hour later would help. I really sympathise with her, because I hated to sit in the classroom at 07:55, the first two hours were mostly lost. I think this rule is a leftover from the times of the Kaiser. I wished her the best, and slept until 10:30.

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  1. For a moment there, I thought you were going to tell us that Anni is the kindergarten principal!

    Here in the lazy old Faulenz UK, we don’t usually expect children to be out while it’s still dark. And some schools are starting to experiment with the idea that teenagers actually need more sleep in the mornings, and get better results from shifting their day to a couple of hours later.

  2. Yes, I fully support her. Next time I see her together with her mother in the elevator or at the shop I will express my wholehearted support for her case against disturbing the precious early morning sleep. I wonder what will happen next year, when she’s to enter school, Ich will kein Gemüse LX

    Sometimes they do, and sometimes I’m childish, but in small doses, Ha! Ich kann meinen Namen wie LX ändern..

    It’s radio only dear Norma.

    This was a total exception Schauml, Anni usually is not a loud young lady. I think that the breakfast – whatever it was – was the final straw. Because she clearly stated “Ich esse DAS nicht !”, it was not about eating in general, it was about that stuff in front of her. She also has well trained voice, articulating very well even in the highest volume. Amazing !

    I fully support the idea to start the daily grind a bit later Autolycus ! I am sure there can be studies found to corroborate this.

    HEavens, you started even earlier than we did Austere ! We had to be in class at 07:55. I went through the city for 30 minutes, so I left usually around 07:15. Because I was the last to go I had to secure the windows, gas & stuff and lock the door. And I hated when I had to run, so I went earlier.

  3. No worries about spelling, dear Ha! Ich kann meinen namen wie LX ändern..
    I think you get snowed in for two or three months ? When it’s below twenty grades minus (on Celsius’ scale) I think it’s okay that people stay at home here – but as I understand it is a normal temperature in Canada through the winter.

  4. We are trying to change the school times here. The kids have to get up way to early and the parents earlier. One of the complaints from school and/or uber-parents is that the kids will have less time for sports and other extracurricular activities, but it is ridiculous to be dragging a child to three different practices, school and then expect them to get their homework done and have enough time to get adequate sleep. I don’t know why they push it, in the end no one seems happy to be running around all the time.

    And Merry Christmas! I hope you are well! I am good, just busy with normal stuff.

    take care,

  5. Oh she IS a handful Savannah, but a lovely one.

    I hated it from the start MrPeenee. After the the first day I decided it was enough and told my mother that I’d pack and go back to our village, from where we had moved to the rotten city the day before. Did not happen.

    Thank you for the good wishes, dear Melanie. I’m glad that you are busy with normal stuff, things keep going – and sorry for not having answered your last mail, I’m a lazy sod …

  6. I do not think you “owe” me any emails. A conversations must end somewhere, though I am always happy to hear from you. I saw the movie “Interstellar” for my birthday. I explores space and time in a way that I have an unnatural fascination for doing so myself. It is also terribly sad, bring something to dry your eyes. When it comes to German theaters I hope you will watch it and tell me what you think. However, if you are not of the persuasion to contemplate, space, time and relativity, then I do not hold you to this request. I only hope that it is a share interest. Take care!

  7. *mwah* I know that I do not “owe” you emails, & it’s good that you saied it Melanie. I just wanted to answer you when I read your mail, I did not and still have it on an imaginary “list” – I am terribly lazy & sometimes I need to kick meself for this.
    I saw the film and wrote about it here. I found some scenes very touching, charged with symbolism, but I keep to what I have saied in the post – it wants too much, it wants to be too much. It uses the stereotypes and shakes them – but does not leave the beaten track.
    In the end it is a film about love, love that conquers very long distances and even time ; the love between siblings, the love between a man and a woman. But does the universe use love ? I think it’s cold celestial mechanics ruling, with some querky effects. Some blokes think that quantum mechanics could be explained when we accept that another universe (or some ?) are touching our’s in some points – I think that is the essence of an article I linked somewhere in an answer to LX, but I don’t want to look for it now, accept my excuses please.
    I harbour the idea that what we call death is just a transition to something else, perhaps another universe, perhaps we are here just for punishment, or learning – so I stick to Montaigne and Einstein, and hope for the best.
    All here is temporarily, and all the millions that went ahead of us, are comfort.

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