Sunday Music

This was an interesting week. I learned about humans and what they do (not very nice things), and generally tried to hold things together, what I managed not totally unsuccessfully.
Apart from that I wait for a telephone call, it should already have come in a week earlier. Authorities, & private organisations from a certain size onwards, have all time of the world at their disposal – or maybe they are all too friendly and want make me a present for Christmas.
I am becoming a bit nervous, because from 23rd of December until 7th of January the country is effectively shut down, just the costs are running as usual. But we’ll ride out this one too.
After all that “Whirling” last week that sent Mitzi in a dizzy spin – she lost almost her Stopfpilz ! – this Sunday Music is a bit more traditional. Les Loups play a tango, Guitarra Que Llora, the weeping guitar, recorded in Buenos Aires, May 1928.
Les Loups, or Los Lobos, are a very young Oscar ALEMÀN (Ger., Eng.) (1909-1980) and Gastón BUENO LOBO (1891-1939). About LOBO exists no wiki-article, but this blog about ALEMÀN brings a post about his early partner. Here is a video with footage of ALEMÀN, shown to a gentle swinging number, Hombre mio ; he was also featured in a  2001 documentation, Oscar ALEMÀN, vida con swing.
But now let’s tango – hope we’ll have a good week ahead.



25 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Los Lobos? I have their album ‘How Will The Wolf Survive?’, 1984, somewhere in a cardboard box up in the spare wardrobe… Nah, must be a different pack.

  2. Anything with “lobo” in the title reminds me of The Ramones, something like “gonna get my phd / I’m a teenage lobotomy”. Sorry Tim, I’m not familiar with your “Lobos” – is that this “la Bamba”-gang by chance ?

  3. Hey yeah, pass me that Jameson’s please Savannah … is that the same group Tim was referring to, or are these other wolves ? All I know is some summer hit from the eighties (?) …
    Tango is easy, we just need to bop and hop in a hedge tavern (schwoofen in’ner Hafenkaschemme), preferably Buenos Aires 1910, the rest is to be found.

  4. I have a red rose clamped in my teeth in anticipation Mr Mags… It’s been de-thorned to avoid any complications during some quick head flicks….

  5. Exactly my thoughts LX – they are those in Savannah’s link – a versatile band, not delivering the “one summer hit” only & vanishing again.

    Ach was, zig-zig whisk’n drag, and the goucho’s horn, just take an example in fearless Princess, Autolycos

    I can see you right before me Princess !

  6. No, thank you Mitzi, no need for a little knob here. BTW I would never have dreamt that I’d write one day the words “little knob, Mitzi” in one sentence on my blog !
    To see this advertisement, google (that is youtube, blogger and a lot of other things all together) wanted to know my age (they already knew that I am not in Paris), and thus insisted that I should kindly create an account with them – like hell I will !
    That is what ViewPure is for.

    My veneration for your Japanese friend, Melanie !

  7. I got carried away with all the shapes and sizes.

    And then I found “La Rochere” on one of those websites. They produce a series of drinking glasses that I like. I must not give in to online shopping temptation.

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