Sunday Music

I’m a bit late, sorry.
The week was all in all nondescript. Through the city roars the Christmas madness, over the fields and through the trees roars a strong Western wind, cold.
The longest night, from now on things will get better.
I got a bit lost on youtube and finally found The Gary Pacific Orchestra, a group of German studio musicians from the seventies, with a short piece titled “Soft Wind”, hope you enjoy it.
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, love peace & understanding to all of us.



29 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Have you been out for Glühwein?

    I’ve not been to the shopping malls during the Christmas shopping season, so have not seen any Christmas madness this year. I do wish we had a Weihnachtsmarkt — I would like some Neuburger Rahmbrot.

  2. that is some serious head bopping music, sugar plum! i avoid the malls from the day after thanksgiving to after the new year! just the traffic on the streets in the vicinity of the malls is enough to keep me home! xoxoxoxox

  3. Not this weekend LX. It was a much needed brake around here. I made some soup with anything I could find, nobody left the house. I am not sure whether I will still come to town before the 24th. I had to look for “Neuburger Rahmbrot” (pics), the lady I link was at the Gendarmenmarkt – looks good and fresh from the oven it must be pretty tasty ! Pairs surely well with a white Glühwein.

    Glad you like it Savannah. Others who had to visit the inner city told me about traffic jams – there is also a large construction site and a bridge closed, so it must be really challenging to use the car. I saw queues of customers in the local supermarkets last week, as if meat, bread and other stuff would be prohibited next week.

  4. This Music has put me in a nice Christmas Groove Mr Mags.. Merry Christmas from the Empress and me. The Empress had to queue for postage stamps at the post office the other day. People must be reverting to old fashioned “snail mail” for the “silly season”…

  5. Groovy music :-). Very 70s.
    I’m like the others here. No malls, no Wally World , etc in December. I would risk the hordes at a christkindlemarkt though.. I kind of miss them.
    Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  6. I’m working on it, dear Norma. Thank you very much.

    Thank You and the Empress, dear Princess. Yes, letters and parcels. It’s not all digits & electrons yet !

    Wally World ? Sorry Foam, no clue – surely another place to spend money ? Chirstkindlesmarkt can be nice – actually there is a problem at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin, they have a little fire – they should take care when they bake bread, really … Frohe Weihnachten.

  7. Sorry LX, you are right.
    Yes – they went shopping by hammer. The security bloke received a load of pepper spray or Reizgas, and after five minutes they were off again. Also the cassa of Circus Roncalli was stolen. Berlin …

  8. “Already well known around the Agency because of his typewriter repair work, he made his greatest impression on NSA personnel during the Christmas season. Each year he would go from office to office, with his accordion, playing and singing Christmas carols …”
    Counting heads, no doubt. Taking photographs with his (German ?) accordion. Must have been a communist infiltrator.
    Seriously – every healthy organisation has an inner social life, where people do things together besides work only. I actually like the idea of Uncle Ned. You can’t imagine “Uncle Ned” working for the CIA, can you ?

    But you know LX – they could use a typewriter-repairman these days very well !

  9. Glad you like it IDV – and exactly that it was meant for, take the edge off not only Christmas, but a few other things too.

    “the store you can buy guns, knives, toys and groceries at but can’t buy white-out unless you’re over 18 and have an I.D.”
    “White-out” is tipp-ex (wiki) – hell yeah, I am sure it’s security related nowadays with all these new typewriters around ! Do young people know how to make a carbon-copy ? How to correct a typing error ?
    My first thought regarding “Wally” was Zen master Wally, Dilbert’s colleague, whom I adore.
    Thank you Foam – ha ! – after all she’s a teacher LX.

  10. Thank you for all your efforts to share with us wonderful music and a little bit of your part of the world with the rest of us. I am thankful for all your friendship and support.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may the holidays brings you warmth, joy, and lots of happiness with friends and family, surrounding you with good food, good spirits, and good times.



    And may the New Year bring you lots of good luck, good fortune, and good fun shared with the good company of friends and family. Cheers!!!



  11. Hmm – you remember this map from some months ago that showed the range of their missiles LX ?
    I mean – if the supreme leader (let’s call him “El Supremo” so that everybody knows what is meant, El SU), if El SU can not look at his daily comic, he’ll get angry, and perhaps press The Button … wasn’t Austin featured on this map ?
    In the end it makes no difference whether a Chinese rat bite into the cable or Uncle Ned finally did something useful (I mean that was what Special Service once meant for ! Wild Bill Donovan is finally proud of his grandchildren.) – the US will be blamed by El SU, come rain or shine. Apropos ex-SU – didn’t Herr Putin just invite El SU to come over for a visit at the Moscwa ? If El SU accepts, I wonder whether he’ll use his dad’s train or be modern, and jump into one of his own suicide-jets … Hey, we saw more modern machines at the museum ! So we are in the middle of the new cyber war – it feels more like a James-Bond-movie now …

    EROSWINGS – I am glad that you showed up ! Du treue Seele ! Many thanks for all the good wishes – may it all come back to you ! Thank You very much for the tree – it’s the only one around here this year. There was no time for this, at the moment there is not even a kind of “Gesteck” – just some greenery arranged, this will happen tomorrow, or on Wednesday midday, we’ll see. There will be some kind of roast and good company – and I plan to have some drink and silly talk. Regarding the end of this year and New Year Eve – oh man – that’s so far away now, it’s not even real …
    Cheers Eroswings – all the best for you ! Thank you for your good wishes – I hope you have a good time – Gesundheit, Glück und Gottes Segen wünsch’ ich Dir !

  12. Now that is groovy. And for some reason makes me want a scotch on the rocks [either] and a cigar.
    Happy Christmas, my flower!!!

    P.S That tune stopped just as I was getting into it.

  13. The Eggnog-Research-Group (LX, Foam) widened the focus on Wide Russians – first results will be presented in the Mogwash Arms this evening.

    Danke LX – das wünsch’ ich Dir auch : Frohe Weihnachten.

    Thank You very much Austere – a few days without any stress or anger are very welcome now.

  14. Thank you for the interesting history of Eggnog, dear LX. I had no idea that it came from a medieval brew called posset.

    Thank You Roses – health, wealth and a good time, yes that’s what 2015 is for ! Let’s hope it will deliver the promised goods. All the best for You m’dear.

    Thank You very much Mitzi – my best wishes to You and Carmen !

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