View into the small valley this midday
View into the small valley this midday


The snow came over night. It hadn’t snowed yet around midnight when I was riding in an ambulance with my neighbour. He had phoned because he was in payne and his muscles had cramped. So we pressed the panic-button, waited for saied taxi and went to the university’s clinic. It was a short stay and after an hour we were shuttled back home. It was cold outside and wet, but not yet freezing or snowing. When I looked out of the window in the late morning I saw what is depicted. The forecast says it will stay this way, with a little sun on Sunday afternoon, then snow and freeze through the whole week, up to 18° C minus. With a little luck New Year’s morning will be sunny, cold and dry.

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  1. I have done the ambulance trip in the snow, and it feels doubly worrying with a dose of bad weather thrown into the mix. I hope your neighbour is now on the mend.
    Your picture looks lovely… but that’s the thing… I’d rather be inside looking at it than have to travel through it. Somewhere in England a snowflake fell… and the roads were closed.

  2. I hope your neighbour is doing better today. If it looks like that outside, I stay in! I don’t mind walking in it, but really not fond of driving in it at all.

    I hope it’s not as cold here as it sounds like it will be where you are. Brrr….!

  3. The neighbour is all right, no worries.

    It just does not stop to snow LX, so the paths through the woods will be covered in snow, and the wind is busily building snowdrifts. I can watch my balcony fill up with snow. Perhaps there is a possibility to use the toboggan !

    I’m sorry to hear that you had to use an ambulance Scarlet – I hope you are allright ?! The young lady who was driving the vehicle was pretty careful, I had not realised how many bumps and craters are in the road … I think the roads are not closed, but maybe trains will run into difficulties, either technically, or snowdrifts.
    I can watch as it becomes whiter and whiter, denser and denser, small bushes and trees start to vanish. No, I have no inclination to step out. I will take a hot bath instead.

  4. I finally have time to sort through all these pictures dear Anna.

    It was a bit peculiar to hang around in the hospital in the middle of the night, all quiet & empty. But I do not feel the need to repeat this MsScarlet

    It’s all remarkably quiet outside, one only hears the wind going through the trees.

  5. You were lucky it was quiet. I had to sit in an empty waiting room at 3am with an episode of the Hairy Bikers blaring out at me. It was like some sort of hideous torture.

  6. “Hairy Bikers” ? All I found is this – a cook show ? Really ?
    Where I was the waiting area was dark, so I strolled over the silent corridors. For some time there was no sign of live. Reminded me of the nights when I was spreading “security” in empty buildings.

  7. And one of those Hairy Bikers tortured us Brits with some hideous dancing on last year’s Strictly Come Dancing! I shuddered more watching that than if I was outside in your snow, Mago.
    At least your neighbour had the decency to have need for an ambulance before the snow blew in…
    Enjoy your hot baths!

  8. Smoking would have been a problem there – it’s all newly built and thus there are no smoking areas. One would have to go to the main axis of the building, climb up to the uppermost floor and then leave through a glass door onto the ceiling of another building. I only know this because I had to be in this house when it was still a construction site. And always make sure that the door behind you is NOT closed, under any circumstances … this was used by the construction workers & is nowadays the practice of the nurses. It was too far away and too cold for such a trip. The coffee machines were switched off, but one could always disinfect the hands.

    “Strictly Come Dancing” is a kind of mystery to me IDV – I find it mentioned pretty often, but never have seen it. It is a fact that German tv does not invent anything, they buy concepts for series and entertainment from companies and adapt it for the German market, like this “Big Brother”-franchise. Who ever had the idea must have earned some tons of cash. But as far as I know there is no German version of this dancing-show. Here are hoards of C-to-Z-listed “celebrities” (so called Prominente), people who are hungry for their ten seconds of fame and usually & regularily get ground through all these “shows” – this dancing thing is still missing !

  9. Minus 18º? Blimey. No chance of that here, though there will be a frost tonight. I must remember to warn Roses, if there is snowfall with a strong wind, the snow drifts in my drive and we have to shovel out 100 metres of it to be able to get the car out. Happy days…

  10. Tuesday -12 °, then slowly going down to -18 ° C on Frayday – this is what the forecast promises, dear Z. On some country roads one sees large colourful sticks at the roadsides. These are the locations where snowdrifts build up, and the sticks help the operator of the snowplough to find his way.
    Perhaps you can plant some nice bushes that will keep the snow out of your drive ?

  11. Except for what appeared to be a couple of local shows, I have not noticed any cooking shows on German TV. Are cooking shows a thing there?

    Sunday, I’m going to watch The Great British Baking Show (called Bake Off in the UK) on public TV. I understand it’s fun.

  12. Cooking shows ? Well … there is Mr LAFER (wiki Eng.), who is seemingly everywhere ; then there is Mr MÄLZER (wiki Eng.), who once answered the question, whether one must be able to cook on a cooking show with a simple “Nö” / Nope. In the old days there was Mr BIOLEK (wiki Eng., but he was different, because he was no chef, but a person who likes to eat and savour – LAFER & MÄLZER are real chefs and have earned some points / stars / whatever). The most “common” tv-cook is undoubtedly Alfons SCHUHBECK (wiki Eng.), also a real cook – I think all three chefs were disciples of WITZIGMANN, who is surely a master – if he’s not just high on Koks.
    I am not sure whether there is a kind of competition-show where normal people like you & me have to cook a menue, I could not name it, sorry LX.

    I do not understand why it is a custom to drown the bottom of a cake in alcohol, dear Scarlet. But one can always flambé the stuff …

  13. I’m glad to read that your friend is better. That’s a great photo. I do love the stillness after freshly fallen snow. Stay warm!

  14. I try to stay warm Schaum, but this Thüre is so lousy that I see the curtain move if the wind comes from a certain direction. Exactly now that is. (Leg’ Holz an den Heerd, Alwin – if you say it with the right “Betonung” it’s a dactylus I think – ?).

    Off the Loubutines – hello Doc Martens ! I prefer my old pair of Salomons. Usually Franconia is not that cold, dear Norma.

  15. Brrr… Mid 30’s C here and looks like continuing for some time now… no rain in sight.
    The Strictly Come Dancing that Miss Scarlet mentions is called “Dancing with the Stars” here in Oz. Its the usual hoard of alleged celebrities from the network’s stable with a spattering of popular past and present sports people and media whores. Then there’s the panel of nice to bitchy judges. The Empress and I love the show and watch it every week that it airs…just to take bets on who we think should be kicked off… Never put your money on the lamest network “Star” you can usually guarantee that they will be one of the last ones standing purely for cross promotional purposed….

    Walk outside as little as you need to Mr Maggs. I think the couch is an ideal position in such weather.

  16. No worries, dear Princess, the couch shall be it ! It was a great sunny day today, but really biting cold. So I enjoyed the snowy landscape from my window.
    re ths dancing show – I am sure that such a thing is not in the German tv. Perhaps not enough dancers.

  17. Perhaps they should have pro-celebrity yodelling or Schuhplattler, Mr M. Actually I thought “Wette Dass” was a German format (it lasted a while on British TV), but I would understand it if you didn’t want to acknowledge it.

  18. You are right Autolycos, Wetten daß … was something homegrown. I think that show run for thirty years or so. It always was a good reason to switch the channel …

    Nice to look at, yes Austere, not nice to drive through. I hear the children cheering, they over night created a Schlittenbahn, coasting slide my dictionary calls it. Snow and cold is bearable since it is dry, it gets nasty when it’s cold and wet.
    Anyway, I have to go outside now, I’m a hero …

  19. Now, roughly ten days later, most of the white beauty is gone, dear Chandrika – all the snowmen I had seen have crumbled now, but it is still pretty cold. I was driving on Sunday for some hours and was pretty happy about the dry cold, only the wind was nasty, biting. I like the snow, and can adapt to the cold, but could do without the wetness.

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