Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The week that was, simply was – no need to make words about it, you all have been there.
This Sunday Music comes from a man called Alan MOORHOUSE. I found no wikipedia article about him, and the usual other sources also give no biographical details. In fact I have no clue whether he is still alive or not (what is possible), his whereabouts and professional live. But this man was in his long career successful and incredibly productive.
I like small forms and short pieces, and prefer an older sound, so it seems inevitable that Sunday Music drifts towards what is called “library music” (Ger., Eng.) – Mr FARNON was already featured here, I think UMILIANI worked in the same field (here & there) – and MOORHOUSE was/is a prolific composer of these pieces.
He seems to have started his career as a musician (trumpet and/or saxophone) after WWII in a military band, Skyliners, stationed in Yorkshire. He wrote for military bands and had a first hit with High on a Hill (video), his first lp (early 1970s ?) contained pop songs arranged in that style. MOORHOUSE had a big success as composer of a song with the nice title Boom bang-a-bang that won the Song Contest in 1969, performed by LULU (Ger., Eng.), who is seemingly still in the business. MOORHOUSE is also listed as conductor of the Northern Dance Orchestra of the BBC (Eng.), but I think that was no steady position, the long time head of the BBC orchestra(s) was Neil RICHARDSON (Eng., biography) – with whom MOORHOUSE and Johnny PEARSON (Eng.) shared the pseudonym Oscar Brandenburg in the Sixties and Seventies. MOORHOUSE, RICHARDSON and Keith MANSFIELD (Eng., biography) all worked for KPM. MOORHOUSE covered a wide range of musical styles within his compositions, from Swing to Psychedelic. And he also had a hand in test-card-music – long forgotten (yes, children, there once was a time when the idiot box was not running 24/7, because the people living in it needed a vacancy), when was the last time you saw a Testbild ? (Ger., Eng.)
A comprehensive biographical article about the man would be nice.
I chose a title called West Coasting from 1970 (and yes, it’s longer than last week’s entry, dear Scarlet), hope you like it.
All the best for the coming week and the NEW YEAR !




13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Now that you mention it, I don’t recall the last test card I saw … except that it was a very long time ago. Our two local TV stations didn’t begin broadcasting programming until 08:00 on Saturday mornings. The only color programs were a few special prime time shows, everything else as black and white (as was our TV).

  2. He was well known, is mentioned in all the interviews, biographical sketches, features etc. of his colleagues, but about the man himself I found nothing, dear Z. But I did not check whether he wrote something himself, that would be another possibility.

    Black and white – the world only became colourful in the late seventies or early eighties, I forgot about it. And I can not remember when I saw the last one Fernseher LX.

  3. Coulored TV in Germany started with the Funkausstellung 25th of August, 1967, 10.57 o’clock, when German cancellor Willy Brand pressed the symbolic button (some seconds too early):

  4. Thank you for finding & sharing music with us. The first black & white movie I remember seeing was from The Wizard of Oz , & by then everyone had color tv. Black & white shows came about as reruns of old shows & movies.

    Happy New Year to you & Cheers to a Wonderful New Year full of good luck, good fortune, & good times with good people, & good food, & good spirits.

  5. Yes, I second Eros (and ABBA): Thank you for the music!

    I love this particular track. It reminds me of something I have on some chill-out CD somewhere

    * goes off to rummage about amongst CDs *

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

  6. Greetings to you as well CEO Nikos – I had to look for that gallery – and am sure you are right !

    With cornstarch ?! The Zombie-Apocalypse can come now … Seriously, some people might have too much time to waste – Would you have the idea to mount a Lötlampe in front of a leave blower ? There is room for improvement, I think he has to turn something like a mill to bring in enough starch, maybe he could ad something that the blower itself takes care of the starch supply ?

    Ich wußt’s ja schon immer : Die Sozis sind schuld, dear Anna !

    I couldn’t say it better Eroswings ! All the best for you Capt’n !

    All the best IDV – look for these kpm lps. Also the work of Moorhouse was seemingly re-sampled in the last years, there should be a compilation on CD somewhere.

    Herzliche Grüße, lieber Freund LX.

    You are a delight, dear Scarlet !

  7. Schaum says:

    Alla hop dann..
    ‘Nen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr wünsche ich Dir, lieber Mago!

    I do like the music and I thought I already left a comment here. Oh well..

  8. “Alla hop !” – das hab’ ich Jahre nicht mehr gehört.

    Sorry because of the lost comment Schaum – it’s my fault, it looks all the same here always, I should do more with colours around here …

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