Happy New Year !

Bonne Annèe !

Guten Rutsch in’s Neue Jahr !

En Gude Beschluss !

Afternoon is grey and remarkably mild, snow is melting, the promised deep frost did not make it into Franconia. All is done, no need to go anywhere ; a bottle of bubbly sits in the fridge ; in the evening I’ll produce some soup. I hear children play outside and saw at least two pretty large snowmen.

My best wishes for all of You, my venerated readers – thank You for dropping by, for commenting, for the company.
See You next year !


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  1. Mmmmm! Soup! What kind?

    Possible rain/sleet here this evening. I’m staying in to make a pot of beans in the slow cooker for watching football on TV tomorrow.

    All the best in the new year to you!

  2. Nothing fancy at all LX, potatoes, vegetables … but I will use a bit of a “Pepperoni” a friend gave us – with admonitions to be very careful. He’s a man who really likes to eat hot sauces and grows his own “Pepperoni”. It is round, purple coloured, not more than one centimeter in diameter. I think I will use the half of it. If the soup then eats its way through our plates we always can try to stop it with cream … I think I will nevertheless throw in a bit of “Ingwer”, and of course garlic – but not too much, it tends to rule over all other flavours, and I want to make a potato-based vegetable soup, not a garlic soup.

  3. Princess – man of the future ! We are some hours behind, as usual …
    I hope you will find possibilities to show your talents in dressmaking and costumes through the coming year.
    Arse up, darling !

  4. Pedantic Corner: When dealing with an unfamiliar pepper, one can retain the flavor but remove most of the heat by removing all of the seeds and the light-colored membrane from the inside. Be sure to thoroughly wash hands immediately afterwards!

  5. The bubbly was cold and – well, bubbly ; the soup was hot, and came out pretty good, I guess. All survived, no complaints, people even wanted a second serving.
    A Happy New Year dear Eryl ! I wish that you will be published this year !

    Never mind, dear Schaum. A happy New Year to You and all Yours ! Hopefully no trees falling near yer house this winter !

    Hello and welcome Alma, thank You for Your first comment here.
    As the automated translator tells me you are speaking Lithuanian – I never have been to Vilnius or other places in the region. It is definitely one of the areas I want to travel, after the lottery win.
    Alles Gute zum Neuen Jahr !

    I looked at the thing from all sides LX, and found that one part has already become a bit mushy. In the end I deceided against using it and used more “Ingwer”. I’m seemingly doing with a cold that attacked my taste buts, because in the final product I could not detect it, but was assured that it was there – thankfully not too much of it, but tastable, while I did not find it. Also, there was a bit of Scotch on the table later in the evening, and I am sure I did not do it justice … saying that it tasted like a decocted (“ausgekochert”) leather belt earned me no merits … I blame the head cold !
    And btw I did not win the cards game – the innocent looking angel face rammed us all to the ground. Could not lie my way out !

  6. Happy New Year to you! I hope you are doing well & that your neighbor is feeling better. I like snow, but I sure don’t want to live in it. I got to play in some when I lived in snowy places for a short while. In the end, I much rather live with scorching heat & stifling humidity. I hope you get better, warmer weather soon. I find cold weather is the best weather for sleeping, like an animal in hibernation. Or it’s the perfect time for hot drinks, esp after building snowmen or sledding outside. Be safe & warm.

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