Moustapha Morgan, the second and last (promised)

Wonders of digitalisation. If one likes to spend time with it & has a licensed access, one can read through a lot of strange magazines, like Triangel oder Akazienzweige am Lebensbaume ächten Maurerthums, a German publication (Brooklyn, Long Island, 7.IV.1855-16.XII.1865, ZDB-ID 2612362-9) or Masonic Mirror and American Keystone (Philadelphia, 05.I.1853-26.XII.1860, ZDB-ID 2613335-0).
As you may remember from the last boring post, dear reader, I wanted to know what it is about the claim that the notorious William MORGAN was found alive and kicking in Smyrna in 1831. I cited the article on Morgan in a German handbook of masonry from 1865 that itself cited the TriangelJahrgang V, Nr. 21, S. 465, vom 19. November 1859. This is correct, except for the number of the page, it is “165”, not “465”, but this is negligible ; important is that year, number and date are correct. See the pdf here: Morgan 1 Triangle. (The link opens a new page with the link to the pdf – not very elegant, sorry about that, I am not used to link pdfs.) The German text gives a correct summary of what is taken from Masonic Mirror and American Keystone, of course we want to read the source.
According to the search-result for “Morgan” in the electronic resource, “Morgan” is the subject of five articles in said title (17.I.1855, 28.II.1855, 7.III.1855, 23.XI.1859 and 14.XII.1859). Important are the first and the last, the others are reactions to readers & the public and bring nothing new. The informant is a certain Joseph Alexander BLOOM, “now [January 1855] in his seventieth year of his age, in the full vigor of his intellect”. BLOOM and Moustapha MORGAN “dined at the same house, and had frequent conversations”.

This house was a public place of entertainment, and was kept by one Salvo. It is situated on the bay, and it was near this place where Mr. Costa was taken.
Bro. Bloom further states that Morgan left this country in the ship “Mervine “, which sailed from Boston to Smyrna, and belonged to the firm of Langdon & Co. The captain’s name of the “Mervine ” was Welch; this was all told by Morgan to Bro. B.

(Morgan 17 01 1855, unelegant as above)

In November 1859 the ship’s and the captain’s name are corrected :

There is, however, some slight mistake in names. The vessel in which the person believed to be Morgan, sailed from this country to Smyrna, was the Brig Minerva, which was owned by Ezra Weston,* of Duxbury, Massachusetts. The captain’s name was Martin Waterman, We knew him from our early childhood, and think he is still living.

“* The Grandfather of the editor of  “The Ashler ” [from where this is taken]. (Morgan 14 12 1859). I have no clue whether it is this Minerva. This could be the house of Ezra WESTON II (about, about). Here‘s a link to the materials about the WATERMAN family, captain Martin WATERMAN lived from 1793 until 1860.

Brother GOODALL appears in the number from 23rd of November 1859, he states that he met two people in Constantinople who knew Moustapha MORGAN and one was tought English by him (Morgan 23 11 1859). Interestingly at the end of the article is mentioned that MORGAN was still alive in the early 1850s, he would have been in his late seventies then (born 1774) :

The last seen or known of him was five or six years ago, when he was still in Smyrna, had quit teaching, and was living in habits, manners and costume as a Turk.

The William Morgan pillar, dedicated to the “respectable citizen” & “martyr to the freedom of writing, printing, and speaking the truth” is still standing. Now I wonder who Mr. COSTA was ?


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  1. Live and Learn !

    I did not know that such a breed existed Dreieck LX. I only know that horses exist. They are usually large and have four legs.

    Mr. Costa did not come to Franconia, Bavaria or Germany at all, dear Scarlet. At least I found no German version of their website and the location finder sent me to Dundee when I entered the name of the Franconian capital. We have some nice coffees around here, usually in combination with a “Konditorei”, a confectionary shop. After a while one knows at which shop which cake is good and what pastry is better avoided. Somewhere at the end of the pedestrian area is a “Starbucks”. But I do not know why they have to sell their hot brew in cardboard “cups” ? I mean it does not need to be porcellaine always and everywhere, but these cardboard things with their plastic lid and elevated sucking area remind me too much of feeding bottles as they are used in institutions.
    Maybe Costa “was taken” because he wanted to smuggle out some coffee-related secrets ? Perhaps he knew some recipes.

  2. Curiosity killed the wheel.
    I had no idea that ventifacts were sharp and piercing the wheels Dreieck LX: And now they stand in the middle of them. Next design must be so that the vehicle can move backwards or forewards without any difference for the driver. It really would be annoying if the vehicle would need to stay stationary because of “flat” tyres.
    A set of spares ? Can’t the machine self-repair ? This one not, it carries no spare wheel, but a future one should be able to self-repair, including oil change and clean the windows please …

  3. “these cardboard things with their plastic lid and elevated sucking area remind me too much of feeding bottles as they are used in institutions.” They remind me of the “sippy cups” that very young children use from which to drink milk.

    I was at a “Tim Horton’s” coffee shop and said to the cashier, “Please don’t put a lid on my coffee cup.” She replied, “We are required to put a lid on your coffee cup.”


  4. I believe that, after he put his name to the coffee shop (thank you, Ms Scarlet), Mr Costa discovered the leading edge of insects forewings (I much prefer this discovery to the less seemly one related to sharks and their claspers…)

  5. The very young, the very old, or people otherwise incapacitated to use a normal mug ; or because it is a violent environment, so that the cup (or better : it’s shards) can not be used as a weapon for (self~)harm.
    The plastic-lid is necessary for insurance reasons, when you trip over something and spill the hot brew over yourself, and have the idea to sue, they always can say that they played according to the rules – there was a lid over the cup.
    Isn’t it interesting to see what is ascribed to the average human being / customer, dearest MJ ?

    Hut ab ! Kudos ! I had no idea about this costa, nor that you are deep into entomology IDV ! On the other hand a witch should know anything about flying, but you do not use wings, do you ?

  6. “Lauch” ? Pardon Mitzi – I do not get it. I only know the vegetable – and usually avoid it nowadays for cooking, because it hurts my stomach. It’s also called “Porree”.

    Sorry to disappoint you XL – I never gave been to Wuppeltal. Interesting street scene, looks cold. It is still in operation, modernised it regularily, the cars look a bit like tramway cars without under-carriage ! I am sure they have kept one of the historical cars.

    Look here – I linked the yt-video, because there are other videos from Birtish Pathe that might interest you

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