Sunday Music

I miss a calendar on my desk, about time that I get one. The country was restarted after the holidays, it’s slowly reaching its operating temperature.
Still stormy, but not that warm as it used to be (up to 12 °C over the last days !), actually while I type this, there is sunshine !

About what happened in Europe, everything is already said by other people, I am sure ; basically there is nothing (more) to say when confronted with an abyss of murderous stupidity. Apart from that, it is still correct what Kurt TUCHOLSKY (Ger., Eng.) – who was born on the 9th of January 1890 : Happy birthday Kurt, we still did not learn nothing  ! – wrote in January 1919 : Was darf die Satire ? Alles !

This Sunday Music is BACH’s “Air” played by Jacques LOUSSIER, Pierre MICHELOT (bass) and Christian GARROS (drums), I hope you enjoy it.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The UK managed to get into double digits over the last couple of days, too – Almost as if Spring had sprung. I hope it lasts.

    That Bach could last a bit longer, too. Play it again, Jacques!

  2. Goodness, a very jazzy Air, I nearly danced!

    The Mr and I had our first raised voices argument this very morning, over the happenings in France. It would take me weeks (months, even) of sustained cogitation to be able to speak of it in public, so I will say nothing.

    I need a calendar on my desk too, but will need to wait for one of my invoices to be paid: bloody freelancing…

    Happy week to you!

  3. I hope your holidays were good and that the New Year is starting off right for you! Sorry I haven’t been by in so long. Once you have kids the only thing that is consistent is that inconsistency reigns.

    I work so hard at being civilized but these things that the Islamist militants are doing, the violence towards everyone, the rape and torture of women, some only children, in Africa, Iraq, and Syria makes me want to blow THEIR heads off with no remorse.

    Take care, M

  4. And usually we do not get shot for this. And you are so right LX – no topics off limits !

    Mr. Bach also pulled some jokes, dear Foam.

    Jack made a whole album with this stuff, IDV, I’m sure it is on that dreaded video channel, its name shall be banned.

    I have some spring here, loveliest Scarlet !

    Of course – as always, there are different angles to look at things. For me the discussion ends when someone shoots, or punches – violence is no argument, as understandable it may be in cases. I still have no calendar, but a heap of nice slips, dear Palimpsest.

    Stand tall please, Austere.

    Yep, totally understandable in my opinion, Melanie, stone age brutes understand stone age brutes’ arguments. And the main argument is to good old “chip’em off”.
    I think there is not much more to “understand”.

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