New Opening Hours

Due to “circumstances” this blog has new opening hours. The ddm ¹ is my friend now, at least from Monday to Frayday, what simply means that I have to go to bed early – Early to bed, early to rise etc., as Mr. FRANKLIN (Eng., Ger.) saied paraphrasing Aristotle (Eng., Ger., SEP), whose biography I just started to read.
The whole rhythm has changed, no more sleep ’til Hammersmith (Ger., Eng., music), no QBz at midnight FT ² (when the new levels come out and I have a slim chance to be “first” for some time. It grew into a habit to play this simple game at this time of the day, of course on the “Easy level” (under “Options”) ; it’s only a handful of players who come there.), and I had to discover that my favourite comics replace the new strips for the day at 07:30 FT, so it’s the first look when I come home in the late morning, for a coffee and a bit of sleep. But I am working on this last point, the sleep in the late morning – I enjoy to have the whole day, daylight, see the dawn, especially now when I can watch the days grow longer. I only realised lately that it now does affect me, the grey, the short daylight, well one isn’t forty anymore … pretty long, such a day. I need a bit of adjustement, this job gives my whole day a new structure – about time ! – and has the nice side effect to pay the most urgent bills and insurance. Nothing I’ll do for the rest of my material existence, but I like it : The snail left the house.
Being confronted with “real life” brought one first result : There are a lot of very bad broadcasting stations, sadly it’s not all Bayern 4 (via web – hey, I did not know that this is possible ! I was always too lazy to switch on the Röhrenradio that still lingers in the shelves here … finding stations on this old machine is a bit of a payne, but it seems some interesting stations are accessible via web, in decent quality even, at least for my untrained ears, no cracks, no static – TA ! They had an interesting jazz hour at BR4, workdays from 23:00 FT, I hope the structure of the program did not change.) – and some of these “talk radio”-shows are simply subterranean. They remind me of the late eighties when all of a sudden new channels were available on tv and incredible nonsense was aired. Are people really payed for blabbing nonsense and blurting out with affected laughter ? Yes, I heard it – and sat down this afternoon with a handbook of the electronic device in question, in stone age one would have called it a radio, to find out how to change channels and – most importantly – how to save them.
What am I actually doing to get payed for, besides listening to music, you may eventually be inclined to ask, dear reader ?
I’m a driver now. I drive a slightly modified white Ford Transit van (Ger., Eng.). Carries at least two wheelchair-bound people and additional passengers to and from a school for children / young adults with special needs – and boy, don’t ya come near my van !

¹ damndarkmorning, coined by Savannah
² Franconian Time

17 thoughts on “New Opening Hours

  1. I’m a white-van-man now, afraid of nothing, dear Scarlet !
    We’ll see some snow in the coming days, but this is not Siberia – or Devon – but sunny Franconia : We have Silvaner on our side.

  2. GOd – what a view LX ! I have to be happy now when the grey is a bit lighter in the morning …

    Thank you Schaum, no worries. I hope the excitement shrinks a bit while I get used to the largeness of the car …

    Some people do this volunteerily – living in the van by the river – and call it camping. Personally I’d prefer a hotel suite, dear Norma. BTW who is your friend ?

    Mago e mobile, dear James. But it takes a time until the lazy bloke actually moves.

    Thank You Austere ! I can relinquish snow and sleet right now, I seriously do not need them right now.

  3. “The early bird catches the worm” as Calvin’s dad once told him.
    “Eeuch! What kind of incentive is that?” Calvin replied (I’m paraphrasing here as I can’t remember the strip it came from).

  4. And – isn’t he right ?!
    I very much like Calvin & Hobbes. Especially Mr. Watterson’s trees, they are living creatures. Have a look at “Cul de Sac” IDV, wonder whether you like it.

  5. congratulations on the new job, sugar! there is something to be said about waking and moving around in the “ddm” (i LOVE the abbreviation, by the by!) *cheers* and here’s to good coffee in the morning, as well! xoxoxoxox

  6. Thank You Savannah. Yes, coffee makes the world go round – my consumption significantly rose through the last days alone …

    Beware of Dill’s brothers and Big Sherley, IDV

  7. Holy Cow ! These machines are that fragile ! Damn dangerous, one gust of wind … but they all do handle their little darts very well, I think ! I wonder why the one on the left (11:00 Uhr) now and than blows white smoke ?

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