Sunday Music

I’m curious what the next week will bring, how things will sort out in the job – “es muß sich eben einschuggeln”, sorry, can’t translate this. May it be a good week for You, my venerated readers, no stress, success in what you do – and perhaps it could be a better week for all of us on this lump of earth, with a little less violence and murder, this would be a nice  diversion & a start I think.
This Sunday Music is the aria Ombra Mai Fu (Eng.) from HÄNDELs (Ger., Eng.) opera Serse (Ger., Eng.) (Xerxes, 1738), performed by the matchless Cecilia BARTOLI (Ger., Eng.) – hope you like it.



P.S. Here’s a link to a visually different version, if you like to see Cecilia walking and actually standing under a tree.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It’s a pleasure, dear IDV !

    Thank you Z – it started well so far : The coffee turned out pretty good this morning. The rest will follow suit.

    I think some fish oil capsules did it.
    Thank you LX. The bolide is pretty large and some of the places I have to visit are small, so daylight is a convenience.

  2. I go splendidly to bed now, dear Schaum – it’s really a new rhythm …

    schuggel’ … GRIMM does not know it, strangely enough ; via the Wörterbuchnetz the only result is in a lothringisch-deutsches Wörterbuch, giving “Schuggel” for “kleine Kugel”, small ball. That is the right direction, but it’s a bit more. “Shaking” is not right. Needs a longer explanation, dear LX.

    I’d go via the “gerüttelte Maaß” – what do You think Schaum ?
    Sorry, tomorrow I’ll answer, I really have to go to sleep now. This ddm comes fast !

  3. Maaß wie ‘n’ Bier? Yeah, I can see that. Maybe like shaking things up to fit into a tight space so it becomes a normal routine.

  4. Thank You dear Princess, until know it works well. Only this very early morning needs adaptation.

    Not beer, liquid things, but those of powdery consistence or grains – do you have those coffee grinding machines in the shops, where the customer can grind a whole package of coffee according to his own liking ? I must take a photograph, dear Schaum.

    Oh dear Scarlet – I’m very sorry ! Overtightened nuts again ?

  5. I thought they’d be prohibited in the US because of health and safety standards Foam

    Yes, oatmeal-abuse, a serious problem in the UK I heared. Disturbing footage Haferflocke LX, but it must shown to the public to prevent evil : Say “NO !” to Haferflocken !

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