Sunday Music

For a brief half an hour I saw the sun today !
As I already said, it was a fast week. Fence time is over now at work, routine sets in ; time to look around at home, notice the chaos of books and clothes all around, one could start to clear the mess. And all these letters on the desk need an answer – it’s mostly done with a phone call, but one must just call. This stuff will be looked after tomorrow morning, that’s what Mondays are for. Sunday afternoons are for doing nothing, having a cup of tea, reading a bit, perhaps some music.
And while you join me looking out of the window and thinking of nothing special, we can hear Sonatina No. 3 (1925) for piano by Willem PIJPER (Ger., Eng.) (1894-1947), an important Dutch composer of the 20th century, performed by Hans HENKEMANS (Eng.), a disciple of PIJPER. It’s short, a bit melancholic, atonal, classic modern – I hope You like it.



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. “Sunday afternoons are for doing nothing”

    Ja! Since retirement, weekends and holidays are less important to me — one day is much like another. But I still prefer to have a low-key Sunday to delineate time … like a coda.

  2. Ah, we’ve had a similar Sunday afternoon, then. Although, for some reason, the sonatina infused me with a need to vacuum. It’s all over now, though, so back to reading, writing and dreaming!
    I hope you have a good week, Mago.

  3. Or like a habit you became fond of – wie eine liebgewonnene Angewohnheit, dear LX. “Tangerine Dream”, goodness – I am very astounded that FROESE was only seventy when he died, I thought he was much older. “Tangerine Dream” was always there, sometimes more present, some time less, but basically, since I listen to popular music, rock et al. they were active.

    This is one of the next steps, vacuum the whole appartement … but not tomorrow IDV, I really must take care of all these papers first !

  4. off topic. I hope the sun persists and your week is going well, Mr Mago
    last Sat I saw two documentaries about your part of the world- Cycling the frame and The Invisible Frame.
    Very interesting.

  5. Austerewelch’ Glanz in meiner Hütte – glad that you looked in ! :)
    The week is fast, can’t believe that it’s Thursday evening already. The sun is rarely seen, it’s mostly snow, grey – and a sun behind a grey veil, what gives interesting colours, especially in the afternoon.
    Thank You for telling me about these documentaries – I had no clue that they existed. I would very much like to see them both directly behind each other.
    I wonder whether something comparable exists for the inner German border. I know of documentaries about it in the nineties, when all the military stuff was deconstructed and the mines finally cleared – today it must be a very interesting natural habitat. I wonder whether someone travelled it in its entire length North-South in the eighties ?
    These films may be interesting for you LX ?

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